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Expanding Into E-commerce Marketplaces with David Cikanek, Head of Global Sales at EXPANDO - The eCom Ops Podcast

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of marketplace expansion in e-commerce, featuring insights from David Cikanek, a Head of Global Sales and marketplace expert from EXPANDO. In this episode of the EcomOps podcast, David shares his extensive knowledge and experience in connecting local stores to global marketplaces and helping brands navigate the complex world of online sales platforms.


David Cikanek‘s ascent to Head of Global Sales at EXPANDO is a reflection of his deep expertise in e-commerce and marketplace dynamics. Beginning his journey as a Business Sales Representative, David has consistently demonstrated a strategic and insightful approach to online marketplaces, particularly in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) markets.

His focus on key regional players like Alza and Kaufland, coupled with his anticipation of Amazon’s potential entry, underscores his unique perspective on the untapped opportunities within these markets. David’s insights, enriched by his published articles, offer invaluable guidance for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the CEE e-commerce landscape.

EXPANDO stands at the forefront of connecting local stores to the global e-commerce arena, offering a unique blend of marketplace agency expertise and SaaS solutions. Specializing in elevating businesses onto platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Allegro, EXPANDO’s mission is to maximize online sales potential for brands and resellers alike.

Their services range from enhancing brand visibility and optimizing product rankings to providing strategic pricing and shipping solutions for resellers. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients, regardless of their role in the e-commerce ecosystem, can leverage EXPANDO’s expertise to gain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

The Key Takeaways

Understanding EXPANDO’s Role in E-commerce

The Essence of EXPANDO

  • Origin and Purpose: The name ‘Expando’ is derived from the Spanish word meaning “to expand,” symbolizing the company’s mission to broaden the reach of local stores into global marketplaces.
  • Services Offered: As a combination of a marketplace agency and a SaaS business, EXPANDO specializes in connecting local stores from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to major global platforms like Amazon and assisting foreign sellers in penetrating Central European markets.

The Two Types of E-commerce Clients

Sprinters vs. Marathon Runners:

  • Sprinters: These are typically distributors or resellers dealing in large volumes of products, often from various brands. They seek new platforms for profit margins, especially in challenging economic climates.
  • Marathon Runners: Brand owners focused on long-term growth, often with a smaller range of products but a deep commitment to their brand and customer base.

Strategies for Marketplace Success

Choosing the Right Platform:

  • Key Factors: The decision-making process involves extensive analysis of potential platforms, considering factors like conversion rates, margins, and market suitability.
  • Amazon’s Dominance: Despite the presence of various marketplaces, Amazon remains a primary focus due to its extensive reach and potential for seller success.

Overcoming Challenges in E-commerce

Dealing with Difficult Categories:

  • High-Risk Products: Categories like CBD or airsoft equipment can pose challenges due to platform restrictions and fluctuating policies.
  • Navigating Marketplace Policies: Understanding and adapting to the unique rules of each platform is crucial for sustained success.

Future Trends and Advice

The Future of Online Marketplaces:

  • Emerging Players: New marketplaces like ALSA and Heureka are gaining traction in Central Europe.
  • Amazon’s Continued Dominance: Despite new entrants, Amazon is expected to maintain its leading position in the marketplace landscape.

Essential E-commerce Strategies:

  • Focus on Amazon: Prioritize Amazon for its complexity and potential payoff while considering other platforms for additional reach.
  • Building a Brand Spirit: Differentiating from marketplaces by cultivating a unique brand identity and customer relationship.


David Cikanek’s insights offer valuable guidance for businesses navigating the complex world of e-commerce marketplaces. From choosing the right platform to understanding the nuances of different product categories and preparing for future marketplace trends, his expertise underscores the importance of strategic planning and brand identity in achieving online sales success.

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