eCommerce Marketing using Tracking Pages with Irina Poddubnaia, Founder at TrackMage

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Irina Poddubnaia Founder at TrackMage, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss eCommerce Marketing, Tracking Pages, and Sales.

Key Facts:

  • Irina Poddubnaia on LinkedIn 
  • TrackMage’s website 
  • Irina is an IT Project Manager and operations manager extraordinaire (Certified LESS Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, Lean Six Sigma, Customer Value optimization specialist)
  • She has helped software companies, agencies, coaching practices, eCommerce brands, and other businesses structure, optimize and scale their operations. Also, she has a wide range of experiences, from establishing and leading a wholesale supplier company in China to working with a high-level enterprise Microsoft-funded company
  • TrackMage is a branded shipment tracking page that cuts down the time spent on customer support by 70% and builds long-term relationships with customers on autopilot. It is a tool that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs provide the best first-time experience for customers. It has integrations with WooCommerce, Zapier. Shopify, and Integrately.

Key Takeaways:

  • Irina, with her team, started in Guangzhou, China, in 2014 despite not being able to speak Mandarin and knowing nothing about eCommerce. They wanted to find the best products from the source – China. The business started as a fulfillment center for eCommerce brands for two and a half years. Being the first business, it was challenging at first due to the language barrier, but with automation and modern technology, they were able to make it work. They didn’t speak Mandarin, so they had to rely on auto translators to communicate with all the suppliers.
  • TrackMage is not just about shipment tracking. It’s also fulfillment, customer support, marketing, and everything that happens after the purchase is marketing or remarketing to the same customer. It has integrations with WooCommerce and Zapier. Shopify, Integrately, and other systems that don’t have the sophisticated fulfillment or order management functionality.
  • [00:03:21] eCommerce business is not about the suppliers but the customers
  • [00:04:15] Marketing or remarketing to the same customer is the cheapest audience you can reach. All you need to get a conversion is a little effort
  • [00:07:56] An enormous amount of traffic comes to the tracking pages because when customers wait for the product they purchased, they visit those pages one or two times per day
  • [00:08:41] With the enormous traffic coming to the tracking pages, you can present other products or additional upsells
  • [00:08:48] It is easier to make sales on those pages because customers don’t treat it as some marketing information but rather as transactional. And that’s why customers check out those additional offers you place on those pages
  • [00:13:03] The best time to get a review email is when the package has delivered
  • [00:25:09] Before you start up an eCommerce brand, i.e., before you have an inventory, ensure you figure out the following :
  • The messaging
  • Demographics
  • How do you intend to sell
  • The unit economics
  • [00:25:17] The best way to do this is never to buy over-inventory upfront. You can strike an agreement with the supplier where you will do a presale and then buy it after that. This will help you test the demand and know if you can sell the number of units you intend to sell
  • [00:28:13] Amazon is strong competition for all independent sellers. The downside of selling on amazon is that you have “demand out of the box, but you don’t have the customers”. You don’t even have their emails to remarket
  • [00:28:13] When selling on Amazon, always remember that ‘it’s not your business; it’s Amazon’s business.” Hence, on the tracking pages, they will push other products from other sellers, not just yours

Irina’s no.1 eCom operations hack

  • Pay less on retargeting ads by presenting your tracking pages as part of your store. By taking bits and pieces of your tracking pages using widgets on your Thank You Pages and other pages. You get extra sales from the same customers that bought from you just by providing essential information on the products they purchased.


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