eCommerce Automation with Jesse Horwitz, Co-CEO, Co-Founder of Hubble Contacts

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Jesse Horwitz, Founder of Hubble Contacts jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast to share his experience in eCommerce automation and scalability. Check out all the other episodes here.

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Horwitz’s Journey into eCommerce 

Jessie Horwitz was introduced to eCommerce through his friend from Harry’s. When the two finally began pushing around for their prospect sales department in early 2016, they hit the jackpot with the contact lens category and never looked back. 

Revolutionary approach to launching your brand online

Jessie Horwitz is also the author of Selling Naked, an insightful endeavor meant to inform first time entrepreneurs on key elements in starting with eCommerce. In his book, Horwitz shares his expertise on fund raising, custom ideas, planning suppliers, marketing, services and financing. 

Horwitz’s TOP social mediums for generating Leads

Horwitz attributes the greatest chunk from his ROIs to Facebook and Instagram. Although he tested out every possible marketing channel (Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat etc), Facebook and Instagram remain topping his list when it comes to generating leads. This is why Horwitz believes that most rookie businesses, even the ones that are short on any solid sense of lead generating platforms, think of Facebook and Instagram as the go-to places to promote their marketing campaigns on. 

Automating ecommerce 

While asked about how automation impacts the eCommerce business? Horwitz claimed to have ‘never been too intense about automating something right away’ instead chooses to remain ‘sceptical’.  Automation could easily become a high-volume process that goes on repeat. Moreover, most people delve into automation without any proper understanding of how automation works for their businesses, which must be avoided, says Horwitz. 

How does Horwitz manage high-volume tickets?

For Businesses with high-volume tickets, it is important to have fast response services. It all comes down to prioritizing. Horwitz’s team manages high-volume tickets on a case-to-case basis and recommends to others for doing the same. Scale boards for quick customer services and supplying accurate information to the customers in a short time is important for retaining sales. 

Has covid impacted Horwitz’s business? 

For Horwitz. It’s generally been a good acquisition environment. His agency has been able to push through the covid interruptions to ‘stay on top of volume’. Moreover, Horwitz believes that customer retention depends on various factors such as customers’ past experiences, unemployment checks, etc. Nevertheless, the general sense of uncertainty has called for managing eCommerce businesses on a day-to-day basis instead of drawing a big picture for the next few months or more. 

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