Distribution Automation Volume with Julian Samarjiev and Marin Gerov of DULO

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Julian Samarjiev and Marin Gerov, the founders of DULO both jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast to share their knowledge and experience in eCommerce operations an distribution automation volume, check out all the other episodes here.

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Julian Samarjiev and Marin Gerov’s journey’s into eCommerce… 

Julian Samarjiev and Marin Gerov grew up together and are both developers. A few years back they wanted to find a dress shirt that was easy to wear, not uncomfortable and did not require ironing. They couldn’t find one and eventually decided to make the product themselves in Bulgaria, a country with expertise in clothing manufacturing. As they were building out their Shopify store, they became curios about the space and started building stuff with the Shopify platform and now both work as full time Shopify developers, whilst running DULO on the side.

Did selling through Amazon work for DULO?

Julian and Marin were planning on selling through Amazon, however they found that learning how to use Amazon and totally understand it would take up a lot of time and resources so they decided to invest their time clarifying the vision of the product and communicating it clearly on their own site.

What problems do Julian and Marin eCom clients face with automation?

Marin has consistently seen problems with managing returns and order exchanges with clients. This is a process that can be very complex because there are so many variables that must be handled, therefore there is an array of tools that help support this process (most of which can be connected with SyncSpider!), such as Sendcloud.

What are Julian and Marin planning to automate?

The next thing on Julian and Marin’s list to automate for DULO is their order fulfilment between Shopify and their distributor. Their old warehouse used to simply be their apartment in Amsterdam but they are now distributing through a third party in Bulgaria. Currently the communication between an order coming in and the distributor is manual, when volume increases this will take a significant amount of time and therefore should be automated to enable Julian and Marin to focus their time on more important things!

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