Create the Winning SEO, PPC, and Digital Strategy for Your eCommerce with (the Digital Lion) Lance Bachmann, CEO and Founder of 1SEO Digital Agency

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Lance Bachmann, CEO, and Founder of 1SEO Digital Agency, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the importance of digital marketing for online business success, how SEO and PPC help online brands create better visibility and positioning, and tips on ranking above your competition.

Key Facts


Key Takeaways

  • Lance Bachmann holds a Master in Business Administration from Fox School of Business at Temple University 
  • In 2005, after completing his masters, Lance started his professional journey as the Officer Vice President at 
  • After working for three years at, Lance stepped into his entrepreneurial journey and founded 1SEO Digital Agency
  • People who know Lance and his expertise in digital transformation, SEO, and PPC call him a Digital Lion and game-changer of the digital space 
  • Through 1SEO Digital Agency, Lance aims to help companies: 
    • Build a unique brand voice and awareness
    • Improve customer retention 
    • Yield attention with convincing content creation 
    • Develop a better understanding of their audiences 
  • 1SEO Digital Agency further helps you in creating content that engages customers, managing customer queries, and building up a brand’s story with customer involvement 
  • 1SEO Digital Agency assist brands by targeting the right audience at the right time in the right place 
  • 1SEO Digital Agency helps manage your reputation, which is crucial as nine out of ten customers read reviews before purchasing a product or service 
  • 1SEO Digital Agency uses content marketing tools that help you share brand-related material such as newsletters, social media posts, product reviews, product descriptions, blogs, website pages, and more with your audience
  • Lance believes that to make your brand well known and accessible to a specific area, you need to focus on benchmark practices of local SEO and employ those in your system
  • Lance shares that a powerful SEO program can help your brand compete with national brands and products
  • Lance believes that to sell your product or services to global markets, you need to master and offer the solutions in different languages 
  • Lance shares that SEO plays a vital role in attracting an audience, as more than 93% of traffic comes from search engines
  • 1SEO Digital Agency consists of a team of 100+ experts that strive to meet clients’ needs 
  • 1SEO Digital Agency serves several business niches such as eCommerce, Electronics, Franchising, Enterprises Management, Gyms, Car Dealership, Healthcare, Home Services, Legal, and more


Lance’s biggest influences

Lance’s biggest influence is one of his old friends, who introduced him to the digital world at the age of 18.


No.1 operation’s hack

Keep your content unique, do not stuff the material others are using into your content.


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