Create a Compelling Email Marketing Strategy for eCommerce with Luiz Centenaro, Head of Sales at Mailshake

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Luiz Centenaro, Head of Sales at Mailshake, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss the difference among newsletters, sign-ups, and cold email marketing strategies, key fundamentals of creating an email marketing strategy for eCommerce, and tips on increasing email marketing response rate.

Key Facts

  • Luiz’s LinkedIn
  • Mailshake’s website
  • Luiz is the owner of eCommerce Cosmos 
  • Luiz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Central Florida
  • Luiz is a certified eCommerce and Digital Analyst (From Data to Decision) from Google 
  • Luiz is a certified Inbound Sales Specialist from HubSpot 
  • Mailshake is a sales engagement and automation software. It sends personalized cold emails with a follow-up series to engage the customers and build long-term relationships with the customers

Key Takeaways

  • Luiz has been associated with the eCommerce industry for more than a decade now. In his career, he has worked as an SEO Consultant, eCommerce and Digital Analyst, Customer Success Manager, and eCommerce lead. 
  • As a Head of Sales at Mailshake, Luiz has increased customer lifetime value (CLTV) by almost 50% with his innovative approach towards eCommerce sales. 
  • Mailshake is a sales engagement platform for modern digital marketers and sales professionals that uses cold emails for customers acquisition


[04:40] [15:42:16]

  • Luiz talks about the difference between Mailshake and other platforms such as Mailchimp that uses newsletter emails to reach and engage customers. He explains that traditional sign-up-generating platforms through newsletters require customers’ consent without which it may not move further into the sales funnel. However, Mailshake takes a slightly different contextual marketing approach and sends out cold emails to capture a wide customer base interest. It further follows up with a series of relevant emails if the customer responds.


[06:38] [15:44:13]

  • Luiz discusses the “cold email strategy” from a legal standpoint As people often comprehend them as “unnecessary” or “sent without customer’s permission.” He explains that cold emails are not illegal as long as the email does not contain anything shady or sells anything unless the customer responds and gives permission to do so.


[10:56] [15:48:31]

  • Luiz mentions that apart from working with Mailshake, he is an owner at eCommerce Cosmos.
  • eCommerce Cosmos – a company that deals in marketing your online store – targets the customer with sign-up or newsletter emails. Hence, his knowledge is above par in dealing with both email marketing strategies and their impacts (pros and cons) on eCommerce sales growth.


[12:38] [15:50:14]

  • Luiz talks about two crucial aspects that any eCommerce store must consider while creating their email campaigns:
  1. AB testing: Create and test a sample email to see how it appears to the customers and if customers understand how to respond to the email
  2. Personalize the emails: Hire a person to respond and send timely emails to the customers. Make it a two-way and personalized communication medium rather than sending the email from the marketing software (which sounds robotic) 


[14:47] [15:52:23]

  • Luiz talks about the common mistakes that can negatively impact email response rate; 
  1. Offering lifetime promo codes that the customer can avail of at any point
  2. Not cleaning, updating, and filtering the customers’ database


[19:43] [15:57:18] and [23:40] [16:01:15}

  • Luiz believes that dynamic promo codes with an expiration date tend to engage more customers as they create a sense of urgency and he has experienced more conversions through such promotions 
  • Luiz explains that the role of automation on Mailshake from booking a demo to redirecting the customer to the main page and checking on them with cold emails is strategic and has an automated flow.


No.1 eCommerce hack

“Firstly, strategize and implement the email marketing campaign from day one of your eCom to Increase the customer response rate. Secondly, try to create interesting content to make customers habitual of the follow-up email. Lastly, strategize targeted re-engagement campaigns based on customer responses.


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