Converting Readers into Shoppers with W. Tyler Metcalf, CEO and Founder of Channel Op

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W. Tyler Metcalf, CEO and Founder at Channel Op, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share tips on converting readers into shoppers, how brands can leverage selling on Amazon, and how you can make you  eCom operations efficient.

Key Facts

  • Tyler’s Linkedin
  • Channel Op’s website
  • Channel Op is an agency that helps you sell on Amazon
  • Channel Op is currently helping over 200 brands to grow their Amazon sales 
  • Selling more on Amazon provides you with discounts on Channel Op packages 
  • Channel Op charges between 2% to 10% commission on sales, depending on sales volumes 
  • Channel Op offers 70%-30% (automation and customer support) service level

Key Takeaways

  • Channel Op helps you boost Amazon sales. So, that you can focus on other crucial business aspects
  • Channel Op provides brands with optimised keywords based images and video ads to stand out amongst other brands 
  • Tyler shares that adding CTAs (call to action) buttons in image ads help to create  more conversions 
  • Channel Op helps brands to generate extra revenue by creating mission-driven and CSR (corporate social responsibility) campaigns 
  • Channel Op provides you with extra security against online scams and frauds 
  • Channel Op analyses third-party reviews for shoppers and transactions authentication 
  • Channel Op’s scam protection helps the brands in decreasing returns ratio 
  • Tyler likes using tools for automation, but he doesn’t love them. “I believe in a human’s capacity to deal with a situation more than a machine,” 
  • Channel Op offers a range of services including: account opening, product setup, customer service, forecasting, advertising, handling accounts, product reviews, listing optimisation, brand protection, error Management and many others

Tyler’s biggest influences

No.1 operation’s hack

Update your employee’s skill set, invest in them, and get the desired results.

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