Cloud-based eCommerce Solutions with Rob Hayes and Sandeep Kuttiyatur of eComchain & iBizSoft

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Rob Hayes and Sandeep K. of eComchain & iBizSoft, jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast to share incredible insights on cloud computing, how cloud-based integration can impacts the growth of your eCommerce business and common mistakes that companies make while planning eCom operations. Check out all the other episodeshere.

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Sandeep and Rob’s journey into eCommerce – an overview of iBizSoft

iBizSoft was created in 2001 as a service-oriented company capable of handling various eCommerce functions. The company has been able to provide over 200 solutions for multiple companies on scales of large, medium and small size. After having looked at several companies, Sandeep was able to recognize where they were going wrong so they could rectify it in their businesses. The company provides both a B2B and B2C platform integrated into the same portal, which is unlike most other eCommerce businesses. This helps both manufacturers and customers see the product from the beginning to the end.

For Sandeep, the journey into eCommerce started back in 2000 when he worked for Oracle Corporation, and they had just launched their flagship Oracle licence. But in 2001, he discovered that customer support approaches could be improved in so many ways that Oracle was not doing. He felt that marketing, support and other functions could be combined into a one-stop so he delved into the realm of eCommerce.

On the other hand, Rob worked in the retail industry for quite a long time and right before iBizSoft, he worked with J.C. Penny in Dallas where they needed someone with experience with manufacturer engagement. This was the time when Sandeep met Rob and informed him of an opportunity at iBizSoft. Initially, Rob was perplexed and did not understand what he could do in the tech industry, but with the work that he does, he feels it has been fascinating and rewarding.

Automating  eCommerce processes

Various algorithms are joined together based on past performance, search, order history, location of the customer and other features related to GPS. The system that they use at iBizSoft enables nearby customers to receive pop-ups of different discounts and vouchers that they can utilise if they visit the store. Geo-tracking is yet another feature used specifically when automating marketing campaigns. 

With a lot of experience, iBizSoft makes use of ERP to the fullest, whether it is related to pricing, order creation or client generation. In eCommerce, the company must speak to half a dozen ERPs with their separate integration systems which can be turned on and off based on the features they want.  

Direct database integration or text-based files or API?

The company uses the open-source technology that speaks to ERP applications in real-time and gathers all the APIs every time that an order is created, so it automatically goes there. There is a facility to draw information from inventory to pricing. For other customers, Microsoft Services has been developed as well, so even if they do not have ERP, they can still benefit from iBizSoft like any other customer. 

What sets iBizSoft apart from the other companies?

It provides a one-stop solution where It is expected that customers will receive a solution, either pre-developed or tailored specifically to them, so they do not have to worry about having to go to other partners and agencies. All the services are provided by iBizSoft, where the particular emphasis on the quality of products even if they have to scale down a lot of their assignments. This has led to a significant rise in the company’s popularity.

iBizSoft’s customer base

In the initial phases, most of the customers were mainly large enterprises that were using 20-year-old technology. They were the best fit for eCommerce technology because updates had not happened in years. These were billion-dollar companies, and they required unique, modern B2B and B2C technology which iBizSoft provided. However, customers also range from the medium to small scale where the company helps them reach a higher level through different kinds of services. 

Common mistakes about designing eCommerce operations?

The company was founded upon the reasoning that far too many eCommerce platforms were doing several things wrong. This was because they did not understand what the customer wanted and paid little attention to their demands. However, the solution must be developed in light of the requirements of the customers.  

Similarly, eCommerce companies need to be more inclined to business orientation rather than just being all about technology. Both need to be integrated in such a manner than an effective product can be sent out to the customer to gain maximum satisfaction.

Rob and Sandeep’s biggest influences

For Sandeep, the most powerful lessons were derived from his over 200 customers that they have sold their products to, from who he was able to learn about business, technology, challenges and how best to improve their services. Ultimately, they taught him how important it was to help people, smoother business operations and increase revenues.

For Rob Hayes, he feels that his most incredible opportunity appeared with Sandeep’s offer to join his company where he has been able to learn from not one, but several types of businesses.

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