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Sahil Gupta, CEO of jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share his knowledge and experience in eCommerce operations, his amazing applications programming interface, and how Sahil keeps his clientele happy. , check out all the other episodes here.

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Sahil’s background

For eCommerce businesses, it has become extremely important for sellers to showcase their products virtually in a manner in which the client can have a believable guess of what the product actually is. 

Sahil Gupta’s business runs upon a model that bridges this gap.’s receives photos from customers from which the 3-dimensional model is driven, stepping into virtual reality is what the future for entails. A dashboard has already been created upon which customers can upload photos and get the customized modelling done to their desire. If the pictures are greater in number, the customer can just provide a link to the photos and the output will be ready. 

Application programming interface 

Sahil shared that the API is available in this business model. For people who have a wider range of photographs, they are always instructed to use the application programming interface. It serves as a smoother alternative to the dashboard. The path to follow is that you place an order over the API and then check in a few days, your order will be ready to go.’s pricing…

Initially, a buffet of the model was to be adopted, which led to unpredictable results in terms of pricing, hence, a standardized mechanism was incorporated. 

Currently, provides a simple pricing mechanism that is based on the complexity of the project, where background photography is provided free of cost, but if a customer wants lifestyle photography or more complicated background textures or meshes, then the pricing will rise accordingly. 

Sahil revealed that soon subscription packages will be available and a referral system will be put into place, following which a certain discount or a limited number of free models will be rewarded to those who recommend’s product elsewhere.

Is the process completely automated?

Sahil believes that there is not enough recognition for those behind the operation of this process. According to Sahil, they possess an imaginative spectrum that is unmatchable and he hopes that in the near future, they will get the attention that they truly deserve. 

The intricate designs, meshes, and colour variants are incomparable and the speed with which they are rendered is something that deserves credible and substantial awards.

Who uses

Most clients are received through the small and medium-sized businesses on Shopify. That is where people mostly gain insight into this business product. These are the people who are willing to take the risk because this is still a new endeavour and clients are unsure of its importance. It is believed that over time, this will grow so much that bigger businesses too will accede to this idea of modelling and integrate the product into their eCommerce businesses. 

But for now, the clientele is mostly based on the businesses that are generally of a smaller scale.

The future of

Due to the unique nature of’s products and lack of public awareness, Sahil hopes that there can be increased advocacy and awareness regarding the efficacy and importance of such models in eCommerce. While streamlining the operations, Sahil further hopes that people can realize that there is an additional file type ‘GLB’ that runs the 3-dimensional figures that the business sells.

Sahil’s biggest influence: 

In times of COVID’19 when businesses have been forced to operate remotely, Sahil hopes to replicate the mannerisms in which Wolfram Research functions. Sahil states that he has yielded exciting lessons from how Wolfram administers and runs.

  • Stephen Wolfram – Founder & CEO of Wolfram Research, is someone Sahil has learned most from when it comes to the programming aspect of his business. The vision of not acceding to the general notion that impossibility exists and just conceiving an idea and putting it into immediate action. 

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