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Maris Dagis, Co-founder and CEO of Sellfy jumped onto The eCom Ops Podcast to share his journey as an eCommerce business expert, how he sells digital products from one platform and his way of automating eCommerce businesses. Check out all the other episodes here. To learn more about Maris Dagis and Sellfy:

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Maris’s aspiring business idea and the force behind his journey into eCommerce

Sellfy is an eCom platform, which allows users to sell products online easily. Maris Dagis, CEO of Sellfy, has helped over 32000 clients to sell their products and make money. The motivation behind Sellfy was Maris’s business partner who helped him recognize the need of building an online platform that would help people sell their digital products, hassle-free. Sellfy assists in connecting you to potential customers and grow sales. 

Addressing to the customer’s needs and demands

Sellfy as innovation is built to help customers with its capability to address a variety of customer’s needs. From building a new storefront to embedding the products on existing websites, Sellfy serves as a one-stop-solution for its clients. It’s an efficient CMS (customer management system) that have been created so the seller can easily; 

  • Embed links to physical goods and products on a dedicated page. 
  • Add links of their social media profiles on this dedicated page to increase outreach. 
  • Increase sales 
  • Avail a robust payment method 
  • Host their products on different platforms 
  • Deliver and ship 

Besides, Sellfy is used by customers from all across the globe. The audience consists of more English speaking customers; however, there are also customers from Russia, Asia and Latin America.

What sets Sellfy apart from others?

Maris and his team spend a lot of time researching about their customer’s behaviour, to gauge the trend by studying their customers and can devise efficient strategies to assist their customer base further. 

Significance of building a community in the digital era?

Maris strongly believes that all forms of social media play a huge role in building a community. Youtube is very helpful in this where you can post videos. Soundcloud is also very helpful, it is where you can build an audience, and if you want to post blogs, then Facebook is the best approach to build a community. “Those who are successful in building communities and audiences around their brands are more likely to be successful in eCommerce,” says Maris. 

The new era of digital products, automation and marketing

Sellfy is all about customers ease. Therefore, Maris’s team is constantly engaged in integrating core eCom functionalities within the platforms. Offering; upbeat and state of the art types of operational strategies that include an end to end automation. Another mission that Sellfy promotes apart from providing automation excellence to its customers is transforming peoples’ mindset towards digital products.  “There are a lot of ways you can monetize the community.”

Maris’s biggest influences

Maris claims that he has learned the most from his customers by talking to them and reaching out to them. There are so many different operations in business, and the customers ask questions which help in understanding more about the latest trends and the future products and services Maris would like to work on.


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