SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

New features in SyncSpider

E-commerce businesses are heavily involved with overlooking, managing, and processing data so having a tool to help you with this is of utmost importance. Furthermore, you need that tool to be highly configurable and to provide you with detailed information regarding the data you’re using.

Among many other things, SyncSpider takes advantage of CSV files with the goal of making your flow of work to run as smoothly as possible, and there have been some new features added that help with just that.

CSV – customizable behavior on invalid values

CSV files are a great way to store databases that utilize a tabular structure like for example a spreadsheet created in Microsoft Excel. The simplicity of a CSV file format is implied by its name which stands for “comma-separated values”. In other words, the fields of data in this file format are separated by a comma and the rows by a newline.

Regarding SyncSpider, CSV source configuration has been extended to include an additional option and thus granting you further control in your work process:

Users are now able to configure how the system should behave when it detects an invalid value in any cell of the CSV file. The default behavior is the same as the system was handling it before, meaning that if an invalid value is detected (e.g. text could not be converted to a number, an image cannot be retrieved, etc.), the whole row is skipped.

The new option allows users to reset the value of the invalid field and continue with the current row. This adds another level of granulation and allows users to import records even if some of the fields are not correct. The execution log is extended to include the message about the unset invalid value if this has been selected as an option.

Execution log for valid CSV records

Execution logs provide the users with a record of the steps taken in a process or a test, and showcase the outcome of each action. This is needed for you to have an overview of the performance and to know how things went any why. Meaning, if some process has failed for example, you would like to know what has actually occurred. As for SyncSpider, there is a new feature that gives you more details in this regard.

When importing from CSV, some of the records could be invalid resulting in rows being skipped. Therefore, execution log now offers information about the total valid rows used from a CSV file. This helps to detect the number of records transformed from a source system to the destination.

Download Execution Log

Once you have the execution log at your disposal, you may want to store it in different ways so with that in mind, SyncSpider now offers a new feature in the execution log page allowing you to download the logs as a CSV file.