SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Improvement’s and bug fixes

Improvement: Email notifications
When task execution fails, an email will be sent to the users of the company
If task execution fails (regardless of the reason) system will automatically send email to all the users of the company delegated to taking care of that task.
An email will have a link to the execution log so the user can check and tend to errors.
Reminder: CSV module already has a feature that informs the same users when task succeeds with an email with a link to download resulting CSV file (this works of Local CSV integrations).
There we several bugfixes. Some notable ones:
  • Fixed validation of images in CSV module for images with umlauts in URL
  • Fixed problem with Product Update for Magento 1 and removing images. The problem was that when product update is performed without images, current product images in Magento were removed.
  • Date format dropdown in CSV config is now searchable
  • UI improvements