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How to Provide a Better Client Experience With Content Marketing for Your E-commerce Business

Content marketing has genuinely transformed how businesses interact with their present and potential customers. They no longer require the constant push of advertising to get their message through. Just by their sheer content creation skills, they can bypass the conventional tools of marketing their product. The skills of a content marketer play an essential role in shaping the message behind the product.

With a great message, content marketing acts as an excellent strategy to help attract more individuals and increase growth. Having a good customer experience is extremely important to make the customers feel closer to the brand and possibly increase their interaction with you.

In this article, we’ll look at ways for you to provide a better customer experience with content marketing.

Create Shareable Content

To make your customer experience more effective, you not only need to create relatable content but also shareable. This means that you need to be highly aware of what your current and potential customers’ interests are. You should not just talk about yourself in your content marketing.

For example, as an e-commerce business, you need to create content around the use-case of your products, so that your customer identifies solutions to their problems in the form of your product.

A study by Walker says that customer experience has overtaken product and price as the key brand differentiator. This means your content marketing efforts must revolve around the issues faced by the public at large and your product’s ability to solve them.

Making relatable & shareable content also helps you penetrate your target market with better accuracy. With great content creation skills, you can overcome your pricing or product concerns.

Give Rewards

A great way to enhance customer experience is by offering a small reward when customers promote your content. For example, you can also offer them a discount code in their DMs when they promote specific content.

This is an excellent way to help you gain more followers and increase your sales by offering a discount coupon. It will also leave your followers happy and content because they received something for promoting your content.

Ask for Customer Feedback

When you create relatable content for your products and services, it is equally important to involve your customers. This makes them feel valued and a part of your brand. Whenever you post a picture about your new range of products, you can always engage your customers by asking them which one they prefer more or how they would style the following piece of jewelry or accessory.

This will help you understand the taste and preferences of customers as well as create a more personalized experience. Research by Deloitte shows that 88% of companies now prioritize customer experience in their various contact centers.

Companies never invested in their content marketing skills before as they do now. Earlier, content creation may have been limited to just lengthy paid pieces in the newspaper or online articles but now it’s transformed into a weapon for customer acquisition. This means that companies are increasingly using the content around their product and allowing their customers to have a better experience just by using content as a medium.

The skills you need as a content creator are no longer limited to copywriting. It has expanded its fangs to customer feedback, blogs, social media, etc. Therefore, you need to build a team with people who have diverse skills.

Have Better Interaction With Customers

Research by Gartner shows that almost two-thirds of the companies now compete on customer experience—something which was only at 36% nearly a decade before. Therefore, having a decent customer experience with content marketing may not be unique to your company. You need to redefine how and where you interact and learn new skills or possibilities in content marketing to better serve your customers.

Since the emergence of content marketing as a differentiator for a product is fairly new, there are no set rules to this game. You can only get better at this by experimenting as much as you can. The Gartner research shows how every company is now focused on content. Therefore, it is crucial to learn from your mistakes and successes alike and use the best tools to provide the best customer experience.

Wrapping It Up

The face of content is changing, and people are taking notice. Content marketing is proving to be a big tool to improve customer experience. As customers’ buying behavior depends on their experience, content marketing has turned out to be a gamechanger.

Customer experience is now being taken more seriously than ever before. With increasing interconnectivity among people, a bad customer experience is no longer a secret. Companies have now started to focus on their customer experience, and just using the right content marketing strategy can make you successful.

Hello, my name is Krishna, and I’m a Content Writer at Clientjoy, a sales CRM and Growth Engine for freelancers and agencies. When I’m not working, I like to experiment and explore the inner chef in me by making new dishes. Apart from that, I binge-watch my favorite Netflix episodes and watch cute dog videos before sleeping.

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