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Top benefits of attending Tech Conferences

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Have you considered attending a tech conference? You may have heard that one is taking place soon, or perhaps a colleague has given you the suggestion. Whatever the case, you may have a harder time deciding whether you should go. If you’re weighing the pros and cons, what may be of concern is their cost on your time and budget. However, there are a lot of positive aspects as well.

In general, the great thing about attending a tech conference is that you’ll get to expand your knowledge and skills. Regardless of your particular expertise, whether you’re a web or software developer, for example, tech conferences can help you improve. This is because you will get to learn from other experts and peers from your field. You can discover new solutions and do networking.

Learn from experts and your peers

Having a lot of working experience in your field makes you even more suitable to share advice and fine-tune details. The very fact you have in-depth knowledge of something will help you come up with the right questions. These can make a difference when it comes to further improving your workflow. You are in a position to know well enough which processes work great and which may need to be improved.

And who better to help you with that, if not other people who share the same concerns. Attending a tech conference will put you in contact with other professionals from your field. They have probably faced the same issues as you, and everyone can share their opinions on the subject. This could help you see something that you have missed before. Or you could just sit back and focus on presentations that may interest you, and soak in the valuable information.

Additional tips:

  • Q&A sessions – These usually take place after a speaker is done with their presentation. You could use them as an opportunity to take note of the questions of others. The answers they receive could be valuable to you as well. Of course, you may also ask questions of your own.
  • Get feedback on your work – In relation to you learning new things in regards to your field, you can also present your work. When you share the ideas you have, people could give you feedback on it and help you refine it.
  • Pick the right sessions – Take a look at the conference schedule and try to pick the sessions that seem to fit you the best. However, in case some of them turn out to be dissatisfying, feel free to leave them. This will ensure that you make the best of your time by spending it on the right sessions.

Take advantage of networking opportunities

Networking is another awesome aspect of tech conferences and is a big reason why you should attend one. As mentioned earlier, tech conferences are a great opportunity to meet experts and colleagues from your field. However, this isn’t only to get information then and there. You could in fact build connections with some of them and continue to collaborate in the future. This may also come in handy if and when you are looking for a new job.

On that note, you may not be the one looking for a job, but some other people could be. And if they got the right skills that the company you work for could use, that’s great. This could be an opportunity for you to get new quality employees on board. This is a great addition to the benefit of sharing information and staying updated as new technology changes constantly arise.

Practical tips for networking:

  • Meet new people – A great way to do this is to sit at a table full of people that you haven’t met before. This is a great chance to make new acquaintances, exchange contact information, and start building connections.  
  • Ask Questions – Don’t go overboard with this, but asking questions at the right time could help you to leave a good impression. Just make sure that your questions would add value to everyone and that they’re relevant to the topic.
  • Social gatherings – Other conference attendees will probably have dinner or spend time at the hotel during leisure hours. These situations would be looser and you could use them to start conversations with people. Feel free to introduce yourself, ask some questions, and have a chance to build some real connections.

Improve your skills to advance your career

The more skills you have, the better you can serve your company. There are tons of job positions available when it comes to the fields of technology. Some of them are more advanced and therefore pay better. What this means is that if you improve your abilities, you could make the jump to a better position. But overall, you’ll bring more quality to your company so it may be in their interest to even pay you to attend a conference.

Top Tech Conferences to attend

Given that we have explained some of the top benefits of attending tech conferences, we should also list a few. The following are all great choices that could benefit you so you should definitely take them into consideration. We are offering more detailed info on what they are about so that it’s easier for you to pick. Remember that tech conferences improve your knowledge and help you grow.

Cloud Data Summit

Cloud Data Summit is an online tech conference that revolves around cloud data technology. Many companies have moved their data platforms to the cloud and this has given them a lot of advantages. This summit will show you how to leverage the scale and flexibility of the cloud to use data science in ways never before possible.

Cloud Data Summit is held on October 16-17, 2019 and you can attend from anywhere because it’s happening online. This will save you a lot of money and time and still offering the full conference experience with networking and meetups. You can have conversations with your peers or the sponsors in virtual roundtables. Register for it and learn about cutting edge data technology that you too can start using.


IFA is an awesome tech conference that is concerned with consumer electronics and home appliances. This event is all about innovation and presenting the latest trends in the field. IFA is the host of numerous product launches and is put together to display digital lifestyle products.

IFA is an enormous conference that features multiple exhibitors and is attended by a lot of international trade visitors. To put it simply, IFA gives an excellent overview of the international market. It is also great for networking between many important experts, sellers, and buyers from the industry. If you attend this conference, you are going to witness the launch of new products and technologies.

VM World

VM World is a tech conference that could be extensively informative for your business. You could discover a lot of new things with regards to cloud solutions. Needless to say, this is very beneficial for running business-critical applications. In addition, VM World is about networking and security as well.

You could also learn more about logical network services and different things like network management. Moreover, you will know how to encourage productivity in a secure way as explained under the topic of Digital Workspace. Your employees will appreciate this because it will give them a lot of freedom. VM World is also about getting you informed on new trends and technologies that will help with your future plans.

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