Top 5 Online Platforms for eCommerce in 2022

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Top 5 Online Platforms for eCommerce in 2022

Choosing the best platform for your eCommerce business sometimes might be challenging. At this moment, there are 12 to 24 million eCommerce sites. If you are just starting, expanding, trying to grow your business, or just thinking of entering the eCommerce industry, you are probably asking yourself, what would be the best platform for you. And since we are close to the end of the year, it would be nice to go through statistics and see which ones take the most significant share of the online market.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present your eCommerce business’s Top 5 online platforms in 2022. We’ll go through each of them and point out their specifics and perhaps niches that are more or less convenient for that particular platform.

Let’s start our countdown of the top 5 online platforms for eCommerce in 2022, in


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ECommerce business’s Top 5 online platforms in 2022



PrestaShop launched back in 2017 in France, and today is one of the eCommerce platforms which covers around 4% of the market share in the USA, and if the USA is one of your target markets, you will probably want to have your webshop there.

It’s convenient for all those who want a fully customized webshop on the eCommerce platform and want the unique look of their webshop. Now, the downside is that you will have to know some basic CSS, PHP, and HTML programming or hire a developer to help you create your webshop. It offers a wide range of tools and options, but it might seem a bit challenging for beginners. Once you conquer that, a whole new world opens for you. You will be able to use various marketing tools, like affiliate programs, discounts, special offers, email marketing, free shipping and gift wrapping, which you will find extremely useful for your eCommerce business..

Before we move on, one more point might be very convenient (and sometimes a lifesaver) when being in the eCommerce business. PrestaShop offers a legal support tool, which you can use to set your webshop according to the laws of your country. That can save you from tax inconveniencies you might face or any other legal matter.



Of course, the top 5 online platforms list would not be complete without BigCommerce. You have probably heard about it.

Even though it’s a new kid on the block, when it comes to eCommerce platforms, it deserves to be on the list for 2022 due to the enormous growth (600% per year!!!).

So, let’s see what is that what attracts so many users and make BigCommerce enter the big game.

Well, the answer is straightforward; it seems like they have it all! Yes, it is one of the most robust eCommerce platforms, which offers many varieties for creating stunning webshops. It provides marketing and SEO tools, tools for managing payment and shipping, POS and B2B solutions, excellent product management tools, and even a yearly conference on trends in eCommerce for all its users.

Wow, sounds perfect. What’s the catch? Hmm, it seems like users are not too harsh on BigCommerce. Besides a small portion of complaints on pricing, design portion, lack of tracking information to customer order, and reporting, BigCommerce has a high 8.1 stars out of 10, on TrustRadius, with 621 reviews.

Oh, and one more important thing regarding BigCommerce. According to their research, the average growth rate of their webshops is 28%, so that might be the main reason why users like it.



According to the Statista report from April 2021, WooCommerce’s market share was 23,43%, and it’s been there among the top three for the past five years.

Not many of you know that WooCommerce started as a WooThemes in 2008, in Cape Town, as a globally distributed company for WordPress themes. The WooCommerce that we know today was launched in 2011 as a plugin that allows users to turn their WordPress website into an eCommerce store.

WooCommerce allowed small and medium-sized businesses to step into the eCommerce space and sell their products online. And if you are wondering why is it so popular, let’s say it makes it easy to create and manage an online store, with lots of additional tools, for payments, shipping, inventory and taxing. It also has Google Analytics and some other helpful marketing tools.

And while some users complain that it’s too simple, precisely that simplicity and smooth user experience attract so many people. You don’t need to know anything about developing, nor do you need to hire one to get your store online.

Oh, we almost forgot! WooCommerce is free! Yes, free of charge, just like WordPress, the basics are free. You pay for hosting, but otherwise, everything else for starting is free.



Magento is an excellent choice for all those who have thousands of products, already deep into the eCommerce world, and those who know they will succeed. It’s not convenient for beginners and those who have small eCommerce shops because they might find it too complicated or challenging. At the same time, some other platforms offer a less stressful and less expensive experience.

But for all you who have grown your business up to the level where you find it challenging to handle everything, Magento is a perfect choice. Why? The users have a wide range of features, with inventory and shipping management, marketing tools like coupon management and SEO feature, payment getaway options, order processing, customer service, and so much more.

You probably know that most of the young generation use mobiles for shopping, and here Magento is also a preferable option since they have optimization for mobiles and tablets.

Now, the downside is that you’ll probably need to hire a developer to set your store functioning if you are not familiar with that.



Definitely, the top 5 online platforms for eCommerce business for 2022 wouldn’t be complete without Shopify.

Shopify, a Canadian multinational company, has been around since 2007, and today it has more than 1.7 million businesses using it as their eCommerce platform.

The secret of their success may lie in the fact that they constantly improve and follow trends. It’s easy to use, with low costs, perfect for beginners who want to get to the market quickly without additional management and development costs.

It is also very convenient for big companies since they can handle extensive inventories effortlessly. Custom support is always available. It connects sales channels, and you can use it for simultaneous sales in person and online. If we add that Shopify lets you sell to retailers and wholesalers and that it is used in 175 countries, which is, you have to admit, impressive, it is no wonder that it’s in the first place on our list.

The Choice is Up to You

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