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SaaS Integration Challenges for 2023 - SyncSpider Automation Team Blog Post

We’re closing the year 2022! The year we’re leaving behind us was challenging. But despite all that, we managed to grow. What will be the SaaS integration challenges and benefits for 2023, and what new trends can we expect next year?

Our founder and CEO, Norbert Strappler, COO Aleksandar Stanisic; Head of Sales, Rados Mihailovic; Head of Development, Vladimir Milosevic; and our Head of Marketing, Filip Radotic, share their thoughts with you.


New Year with a New Data Warehouse

Norbert Strappler - SaaS Integration Challenges for 2023

“For 2023, we’re planning a lot of things, and one of them is the SyncSpider DataHub, which should come out in Q1, or Q2, as soon as we finish the testing phase. It is a data warehouse that you can use on top of SyncSpider. It allows you to get the data in, out, aggregate, combine, extract, calculate, manipulate, and do whatever you need with your data.

We also plan to integrate new marketplaces next year since we know the importance of being present on multiple marketplaces when running an eCommerce business.

And finally, our users can expect a completely new UI early next year! You all know that eCommerce is a vast market, and with the right tools, it’s allowing you to grow your business.”


Data Synchronization is the Key to SaaS Integration Success in 2023

Aleksandar Stanisic - SaaS Integration Challenges for 2023

How would you describe 2022?

“With everything going on in the world,2022 was challenging to say the least. A lot of startups went bankrupt or were simply shut down. We have all heard of many big IT companies laying off a massive number of employees.

The entire European market is in a downtrend; companies are reporting lower revenues, and there are talks of recession. Investors are moving their capital to “safer” places. Big companies are canceling planned projects, waiting to see what 2023 will bring to make new deals.

We at SyncSpider often do partnership agreements, where SyncSpier develops the entire automation infrastructure and new integration for huge clients like CargoPartner, Huawei, etc. We had more than one colossal deal canceled simply because our clients wanted to be careful and not invest in new technologies at this point.

Despite that, SyncSpider grew, acquired new users, and increased our ARR.”

What can we expect in 2023?

“Like many others, I’m not sure what 2023 will bring globally. We at SyncSpider noticed that we are getting a significantly lower number of users coming from the EU, and the EU market is in decline. At the same time, the US market is doing much better.

I’m afraid we will continue to see the same trend in 2023.

Even though we are based in the EU, we are doing our business globally. At this point, the US market is our focus and the one bringing us growth in 2022. That’s why, in 2023, we will continue to push and have a more significant focus on the US but will, of course, still stay and cover the EU market.”

What trends can we expect in 2023 in eCommerce?

“During the past couple of years, eCommerce has been an absolute megatrend. It was a significant part and the driver of the entire Global market.

Now, eCommerce is there to stay. If you are not online, your business will go “offline.” Simple as that.

As the world is becoming fully digitalized, all businesses are going online, and eCommerce is becoming a new norm of doing business – automation, connecting all business tools, and data synchronization are essential and will continue to be the trend in 2023.”


Integration Challenges: Omni-channel Approach

Rados Mihailovic - SaaS Integration Challenges for 2023

“In 2022, we could see the increase in demand for the Omni-channel approach to the market, unique workflows regarding automation and eCommerce integrations, and increasing demand for third-party solutions for data transferring and manipulation. Considering this trend, we expect customers to seek services from several eCommerce platforms to achieve more revenue and a seamless experience for their buyers.

This will all have an additional impact on retaining clients. Flexibility and adaptability to market conditions will be the key to success in over demanding market next year. Prompt response and understanding clients’ needs and the issues they experience also play a key role in success in 2023. Therefore, automation, integrations, and the omnichannel unified approach will be must-haves for every eCommerce business, especially for emerging ones.”


SaaS Integration Benefits: More Controle and Easier System Management

Vladimir Milosevic - SaaS Integration Challenges for 2023

“This year, we implemented many changes in our system to make SyncSpider more user-friendly, and to correspond to clients’ needs. We had 340 new integrations in 2022, built a completely new design, and introduced countless new features.

During 2022 we were focused on improving the SyncSpider architecture to gain complete control over the processes and system management. Apps and software tools are constantly changing and evolving, and we can expect more in 2023. We’re ready!”


Engaging Customers through Podcast Storytelling

Filip Radotic - SaaS Integration Challenges for 2023

“As we look towards 2023, eCommerce marketers should be aware of and leverage a range of tactics – from SEO, Google ads to social ads, unique content to Influencer, and retargeting campaigns – to maximize their success. Marketers can take advantage of TikTok and Youtube Shorts by creating content that is easy for viewers to digest and share with their audiences.

Additionally, podcasting will continue its growth into 2023 as a powerful tool for reaching potential customers through storytelling and engaging topics tailored around specific industries.

By combining these different tactics, businesses can maximize their reach and gain more customers at lower costs. Now is the time to start planning and preparing for the future!”



What strategy to choose for 2023 if you run a SaaS company? What is the best way to present your product to the world and to make next year less challenging than the previous one?

We are entering the new year with a new product – DataHub, a cloud-based data warehouse with a new UI to ensure seamless integration process for our users, more SaaS apps and new marketplaces on our integration list, and new exciting guests in our eCom Ops podcast.

When it comes to sales, the key challenges are to learn to implement an omnichannel sales model while retaining valuable data due to the different systems each marketplace uses or needing to hire more people. The right solution is a fully integrated system where you have synchronized stocks, orders, and fulfillment and manage all marketplaces from one system. That’s probably the easiest way to overcome challenges associated with using multiple marketplaces.

Since there’s a trend of increasing demand for unique workflows, app integration, and solutions, especially in eCommerce, our Done For You Service is something that many SaaS companies will have to consider if they want to succeed in 2023.

New SaaS companies are emerging on the market, and we can expect this trend to continue in the next year. The existing ones are increasing their level of expertise, creating new features to improve the products and services they offer to correspond to the needs of their clients.

Despite the challenges that 2022 brought to all industries, it also created new ways of engaging customers. The year 2023 calls us to experiment with new content forms, such as TikTok and YouTube shorts and podcasts, presenting your product in an easily digestible way for your audience – your potential customers. Be present at the right place at the right time!

Frequently asked questions

What is SyncSpider?

SyncSpider is an iPaas integration and automation solution that helps eCommerce businesses to sync their eCommerce stores across multiple channels.

What can you do with SyncSpider?

You can easily sync multiple tools, software solutions, and apps in your daily business and manage the data from one place. It allows users to integrate and synchronize orders, stocks, shipping, fulfillment, and leads. It helps eCommerce businesses to provide professional services and retain customers.

How can SyncSpider help your business in challenging times?

Using the SyncSpider integration tool, you can sell your products on multiple marketplaces and manage them from one place without an additional workforce, eliminating time-consuming tasks and avoiding human errors. That means your business will run smoothly, without lost or misplaced orders or selling out of stock.

What's innovative about SyncSpider?

We offer eCommerce businesses the opportunity to automate their workflows and connect business applications and existing software solutions, ERP, CRM, etc., enabling them to track all the changes on multiple sales and marketing channels. It means your stocks, orders, or descriptions are automatically updated without fear of losing the data. That’s probably why automation is on the list of the Best eCommerce Innovations 2023.

What's the connection between software as a service (SaaS) and eCommerce?

Since eCommerce companies sell products and services online, and different SaaS companies offer solutions for various segments of the business, alongside IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service), as a part of cloud computing, it makes an essential part of eCommerce business. Combining these three in eCommerce the right way can lead to some of the most unusual eCommerce success stories. Using SincSpider as the connector for multiple SaaS eCommerce platforms eliminates most challenges eCommerce businesses face today.

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