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Product descriptions play an integral part in your eCommerce business. The quality of your online store could be vastly improved with efficient product descriptions. Having great products to offer and sell is always a great start. However, there’s much more to it. You have to learn how to effectively manage your inventory, create attractive product descriptions and offer top-of-the-line customer service.

Today, we’re going to focus on making the most out of your product descriptions.

Obviously, it’s not just about the look of your store design; quality pictures need to be accompanied by quality words. But how do you make a good product description? Well, there a number of ideas regarding this subject and we’ll take a look at some important ones. This should help you to get inspired and improve this aspect of your online store.

The Customer’s Needs

Before you get into typing out a product description, you need to take a look at what the product offers. In other words, you should consider who would benefit from the product and why? To exemplify, let’s say that you’re selling headphones. There are numerous types of headphones so the description would depend on that. If the model is a professional one i.e. a pair of studio headphones, that would have certain implications.

Studio headphones are usually used by people who are into recording and mixing music. This means that these types of people would have particular needs. For voice tracking, it would be important that the headphones don’t allow much sound to bleed into the microphone. Therefore, what would help the product description is something about the headphones having no or minimal bleed.

Make It More Personal

A good and helpful idea regarding product descriptions is to make it more personal. This could be done by addressing the customer directly. A simple way to do this is to just use the word “You”. In the past decade, with the rise of YouTube, video blogging has become quite popular. When a person is doing a video blog he’s exposing himself to a large audience. But if he uses the word “You” throughout the video, each viewer would feel special.

In similar fashion, using the word “You” in the product description could have a positive effect. If a person is looking to buy a beard trimmer he may have came across problematic devices. He may have used a trimmer that leaves patchy hair or takes too long to charge. So if the product description states something like “You know what makes for a great beard trimmer? – An even length without any patches”, that would be a good way to go at it.

Play on Emotions

If your products have a great narrative that evokes emotions this could be very helpful. When people buy something they want to feel good about it. Therefore, it’d be beneficial if you try to spark up the imagination of your customers. If you’re selling winter gloves for example, you should definitely mention something about keeping one’s hands warm.

You could even state something about the materials used i.e. the fabric. However, what would help further more is to perhaps involve the holidays and family values. You could say something about enjoying the holidays and the snow with your close ones. That way, the product description would evoke positive emotions that tie in with the product quality.

Put the Spotlight on Details

It’s fairly obvious that the quality of a product should be effectively stated. A great way to achieve this is to include details about the product that speak of its quality. Let’s say that you’re selling wind jackets. The product description could include info on the materials used and the sewing techniques. In addition, you could list some special characteristics and useful features that the product offers.

You should also keep it simple and straight to the point. But don’t forget to keep it fresh and unique as well. You wouldn’t want your product to appear common and just like other similar ones. Therefore, you should avoid using cliché lines and descriptions that the costumer would be familiar with. It’s much better to have specific product details that allude to the product quality.

Consider Your Audience

You may have a different target audience depending on the type of products that you sell. For that reason, you should take into consideration the “tone of voice” that you use to communicate with them. If you’re selling urban clothes for example, chances are you may be targeting a youthful audience. With them, it may work better to keep a more casual i.e. conversational tone.

Once you have decided on which tone to use, be it a more serious or relaxed one, you could implement this to your product descriptions. A nice format would be to include a few descriptive sentences and some bullet points. Many customers don’t spend that much time on reading descriptions so bullet points could help to give a quick info.


Whatever type of products you’re selling, you’re likely to have completion. One good thing about this is that you’re competing with similar products and business. For example, if you’re selling running shoes, your competition would be other brands that do the same. Meaning, you shouldn’t worry about business that sell watches for example, because their products are irrelevant to your field.

To expand on the same example, a potential costumer could look at other brands that sell running shoes. That would be your competition, and your products should stand out and look better in comparison. This is to hammer home the point that having detailed and unique descriptions could give the edge to your products.

Use of Quality Images

Quality images and proper product descriptions help each other out. You should use high quality images that give at least a general idea about the product in question. A good image could also intrigue the customer and lead him to pay more attention to the words. In addition, the image could tell you how much description is needed.

If the product is a basic winter hat for example, the image will play a bigger role. It could give the idea of how the product colors look or how it fits on a person. The product details would just add the finishing touch. But if the product is something more unique, like a helmet, then the description will be more important. It will better define its features, intended use, and advantages over similar items.

Niche Audience

We previously mentioned the importance of adding details. For certain businesses, it would be advised to push it even harder on that end. To exemplify, let’s say that you’re a business that sells memorabilia or collectables. This could be about sports, some TV shows, comic book characters etc. People who are fans of this stuff will know a lot about the field.

That’s why, in such cases, you could include tons of specific data so that you appeal to the enthusiasts that would be your customers. Perhaps you’re selling a toy that is a replica of a specific item from some movie. Fans of that movie would appreciate to see that you share the same passion about it. This would create a better relation between you and them.

Available Information

Product descriptions should make things clear about the items that you’re selling. Sometimes, you may even add a Q&A section that could further help the customers. You could also mention some bonus information about the product if you find it relevant. Particular products might have secondary functions so to say, and mentioning them is a good idea.

On the other hand, certain products may simply be a bit more confusing. This is usually the case with items that are high tech like some specific equipment. In these scenarios the seller needs to make sure that the product is explained in a clear way. You could even think of it as a summarized handbook.

Balance It Out

Regarding all these helpful tips about product descriptions you should have in mind to keep things balanced. In general, you don’t want to get too technical with the provided information but don’t dumb it down too much either. You should also try to avoid descriptions that are too long because this may put off the customers. In other words, keep it shorter and to the point.

In addition, make sure that the descriptions are easy to understand. Focus on the key features that would give a clear picture about your product or service. In that case, even if the person isn’t familiar with what you offer, he will get the right idea. This will increase their confidence when it comes to shopping from you.

Take Your Time

In order to write proper product descriptions you will need to spend quality time on doing so. Because of this, it may seem as a good idea to use something that is a cliché and try to save time for other things. However, without the right descriptions you’re risking to put off a lot of potential customers. Make product descriptions an important part of your marketing strategy.

If you have the right guidelines in mind, this will make the process easier for you:

  • Firstly, it’s about the main characteristics of your product.
  • Secondly, it’s about bringing up the issues that your product is able to solve.
  • Thirdly, it’s about describing your product so that it stands out and surpasses the competition.

Optimize the Product Description

One thing to keep in mind is the aspect of people searching for products online. Naturally, you’d like to increase the chances of your products appearing in adequate searches. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a keyword. This keyword should be relevant to the product in question but it shouldn’t be forcefully included. If done right, this will help your product to appear in searches but it won’t take away from the flow of the description.

In addition, you could ask some friends or co-workers to read the descriptions of your products. They could give you feedback on whether the information is clear and easy to understand. From there, you could work in their suggestions and improve your product descriptions. Also do a general proofread and make sure that there are no errors present.

Take Advantage of FAQs

A great way to revise and improve your product descriptions is taking a look at the FAQs. Customers are likely to have questions about your products and some of them may appear more often. This should give you a tip on what questions you may answer before they’re asked. In other words, address typical concerns in your product descriptions.

For example, some people may want to know about the eco-friendliness of your products. However, maybe you didn’t think of that aspect at first but started noticing that people ask about it a lot. In that case, you could go into editing your product descriptions and add info about the eco-friendliness. That way, the customers wouldn’t have to go an extra step and ask about it, but have the information instantly.

Social Proof

People like to buy products that have positive reviews because it makes their decision to buy easier. If other people have bought the same thing and are pleased with it, then this eases the concerns. On top of that, if a product is popular more people would like to be in on the cool thing. These are good enough reasons for you to utilize social proof regarding your product descriptions.

A good way to do include social proof is by providing a quote from a customer that speaks positively on the product. If this is accompanied by a picture of the person, it could help even further. Also, if the product has been reviewed by a magazine or some website, you could include a link to it. You may also use captivating words that allude to the popularity of the product.

Final Thoughts

Product descriptions are a crucial part of any online store that leads to an increase in sales. If you spend time to write out quality descriptions of your products, you will help your costumers. They will have a clear idea of what the product is about, what issues it solves, and why it is the best option in the field. If the description is proper and engaging it could inspire the visitors to proceed to buying.

Updating product descriptions could be very time-consuming so have in mind that SyncSpider is a tool that offers tremendous help in that regard. It is a tool that allows you to update all of your products all at once. And this goes for your online store as well as Amazon & eBay, if you sell your products on these marketplaces too, which you definitely should.

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