How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

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How to Get the Most Out of a Conference The Complete Guide

Why are conferences important? The reasons are several. It is a conference where you get the chance to meet visionaries in your field, thought leaders who often hold the power of changing the course of your industry. It is also your chance to access up-to-date material, which is probably being discussed or disseminated for the first time.

A conference also brings you opportunities to network and meet personal or business or business development goals. Most of all, a conference brings you the scope to look at your industry from a fresh perspective.

Similar to what we have seen in the case of physical conferences, digital conferences, in general, bring the same level of productivity and engagement, if not more. Workspace collaboration studies have shown video conferencing to improve communication for 99% of people, while 89% feel that digital meet-ups through video calls prove effective for 89%. It helps you to focus better when you can see your speaker on screen and the speaker gets to see each of his/her audience on the screen if he/she so chooses to.

But, the technology or the medium used is often not the ultimate factor deciding the success of an event. It depends on the audience to a large extent. It is up to you the make the most out of a conference.

Let’s have a thorough look at factors you must focus on to get the most out of your event. But, before that, let’s imagine a conference in three temporal phases: the time before it begins, the time during the conference, the time you get after the event has ended.

What Should You Do Before a Conference Starts?

A substantial number of speakers attend a conference. They speak on a variety of topics. While the overarching theme of your conference may belong to your area of interest, you might not get enough time or the required bandwidth to listen to them all. Therefore, it is crucial to go through the session schedule and the details they would discuss.

Choose speakers and topics that matter the most to your line of work. You can set automated reminders for each of the sessions so that you miss none. The conference could be on a workday. It is vital to notify your team beforehand. It helps keep the potential work-related distractions as less as possible.

The E-Commerce Experts Conference, going to happen between the 6th and 7th of October, is where the entrepreneurs, thought leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from the e-commerce industry in the DACH region would come together. While they would be discussing innovations and technologies in the field, it is also crucial to crucial the specific contours of the event.

For instance, in this coveted conference, online retailers from nationally and internationally acclaimed companies would discuss their learnings and experiences in the keynote stages. You can delve even deeper to learn about the specific topics they would be talking about. It would help you choose the perfect sub-topic you consider a must. 

More than 30 speakers will be present, combining the keynote and workshop events. Stephan Grad, the strategic director of DACH, Hannes Freudenthaler, the CEO of Andmetics GMBH, Gerald S. Eder, the head of business development and E-commerce at CRIF, Norbert Strappler, the Founder and CEO of SyncSpider will feature in the list of the distinguished speakers at the event. It is important to know these schedules and speakers beforehand. 

You should also be aware of the tools and technology these events require. Testing your audio beforehand, getting your WiFi in order, and using a laptop instead of mobile are the simple tricks to success. The working knowledge of the correct technology is vital in conferences like this. The E-commerce Experts Conference comes with a variety of high-quality digital workshops.

It is also crucial to have the registration completed in time, well in advance of the declared schedule.

What You Should Do During the Conference?

There will be more than a thousand participants in the E-commerce Experts conference. Evidently, it is a golden opportunity to network and collaborate. You must actively participate, and not remain a silent audience. Take notes on what you find is vital and new. 

Ask questions during the sessions. Also, use social platforms to expand your ecosystem through the conference. Use its hashtags, get connected to speakers and other participants through connecting tools. You can also reach out to the experts on a 1:1 basis if you think you’ve got more to know from them. Join conference platforms to take the discussion further.

After You’re Done With the Conference

One of the most enticing features of virtual sessions is the opportunity to record sessions. Get your tools and equipment ready to record. These conferences also provide links to presentations and further study material. Make sure you download them as and when the conference ends. 

These materials would serve as repositories of knowledge in days to come. You can go through them in your free time. And, you will definitely come up with some new threads of thought or insights you did not think of the very first time you read it or listened to it. 

Overall, if used wisely, the conference can supply you with a lot of fresh perspectives. It can get you connected to people who matter in your industry. Listening to operational masterminds is always a superb way to optimize your own operations. And, it helps especially to improve the efficiency and bottom line in the ECommerce industry.

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