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25 Amazing eCommerce Experts to Follow on Twitter

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eCommerce forums can help you scale your business

Twitter is a great source of information and if you have an eCommerce business you could benefit a lot from the advice found on there. This is in order to improve the way you work and therefore achieve greater success. Luckily for you, there are a lot of people who care to share their favorite eCommerce strategies to help you grow your business. It would be advisable to get familiar with some of them and also to follow their work.

What we have here is a list of 25 awesome eCommerce experts that you should follow on Twitter. All of them have amazing insights to offer and you could learn a lot if you check them out. Make your eCommerce business to run better by opening yourself up to some great advice.

01. Erik Huberman

Erik is the man behind Hawke Media which is a marketing consulting agency that took off the ground in 2014. Furthermore, it is the fastest growing one at that with an estimated value of $75 million. The number of people working there has jumped from 7 to more than 150. Hawke Media gives their service to brands from different magnitudes – from Bottlekeeper to RedBull and Alibaba. The company has also received multiple awards.

02. Marsha Collier

Marsha is an author of multiple books regarding eCommerce. Part of her written work includes a book series about eBay featuring the title “For Dummies”. One of them is “eBay For Dummies” and another one is “Starting an eBay Business for Dummies”. Marsha is an eCommerce expert and also an educator. She has sold over one million copies of her books. Indeed, she’s the bestselling author when it comes to eBay.

03. Mike Quindazzi

Mike is a Managing Director for US Digital Alliances for PwC. His experience has been accumulating for 30 years which has solidified his management consulting abilities. He has led teams and global companies through transformational initiatives and pure strategy. Clients tend to have complex issues and Mike knows how to help them with solutions. These solutions are based on innovative approaches. In combination, this is what makes for the biggest reward when Mike is in question.

04. Antonio Wedral

Antonio is the creator of Novos which is an eCommerce SEO marketing agency. Their goal is to help brands with achieving success and increasing profits. Antonio works together with Sam, and Novos are eCommerce specialists that use SEO and Content Marketing to find new customers. This agency is also specializing in Magento, Shopfiy, Woocommerce and more. Their approach to work includes a holistic angle that is also tailored to the client in question.

05. Craig Copley

Craig is involved with eCommerce but also photography. His twitter account provides you with useful links and great quotes that could help you. Therefore, it would be a great idea to follow him for his posts could inspire you and give you advice. As for his photography, he does a stunning job by capturing great landscapes, usually at night.

06. Ben Parr

Ben is the author of the book “Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention”. This work of his is a bestseller that was labeled as the leading marketing book of 2015. This was according to Strategy+Business Magazine as well as Small Business Trends. Ben is also a crucial part of Octane Al, which is a marketing automation platform for messaging apps. In addition, he’s part of the board of directors at Samasource.

07. Steve Woda

Steve is the President and CEO of uKnow, a company with the mission to create smart tools regarding digital families. These tools include the likes of uKnowKids, a parental intelligence service, and uKnowFamily, which is a family locator app. In past years, Steve was leading buySafe which is a company about eCommerce trust and safety. During his time there, he helped with the raising of $30 million.

08. Tony Darrick Baker

Tony is skilled in brand development, e-commerce, advertising, and online publicity. In the last 20 years, he has provided his services to a huge number of people in the USA and Canada. He has been an advisor, mentor, speaker, couch, and more. His goal is to help people to grow their businesses with the use of efficient marketing. Oh and, he’s also very proud for having lost over 200 pounds and is looking to be fit and healthy.

09. Michelle Killebrew

It would be an understatement to say that Michelle is passionate about marketing. She’s very into the whole technical aspect of it and likes to get to the core of things. As a result, Michelle is amazing at finding out what works best which leads to great marketing. She is here to help with the growth of your brand, and innovative digital marketing is what drives her. Michelle is concerned with finding customers to making them loyal ones.

10. Anthony Nmezi

The key thing that Anthony stands by is the notion and power of vision. He’s about keeping your mind on the goal and not letting the problems on the way to stop you. Anthony advises that we expand our comfort zones and the start of this could be simply – thoughts. With a bit of imagination you could envision a better life for you and your family. This could further motivate you to succeed.

11. Badar Khushnood

Badar is Cofounder and VP of Growth at Bramerz which is a marketing company based in Pakistan. His main tasks include being a Growth Hacker which is about the combination of growth marketing and product growth. This in regards to two of Bramerz product undertakings i.e. and The former is about ecommerce and the latter a Content Management System. Badar also used to work as Pakistan’s Twitter consultant for 10 years.

12. Dan Barker

Dan is a consultant when it comes to freelancing and he’s also involved with eCommerce, digital marketing, and more. He has provided his freelancing services to more than 100 brands over his career. Dan has been involved with online work since the 90s and his beginnings were as a software engineer. As of now, he either partakes in longer term projects or shorter term ones for a number of clients.

13. Ina Steiner

Ina is the co-founder and editor of EcommerceBytes which is an independent trade publication for online merchants. The site provides news and useful information for people who sell their products and services online. This goes both for marketplaces as well as individual ecommerce stores. Look for Ina’s advice and learn more about the latest news and tips on shipping, marketing, product sourcing etc.

14. Steve Dennis

Steve is concerned with retail innovation and the future of the shopping experience. This makes him a strategic advisor and he’s also a keynote speaker. He has been included in two top 5 lists regarding global retail influencers. Steve’s career has an on-going span of more than 30 years and he has worked with plenty of brands. During this time he has helped brands to improve their success and achieve greatness.

15. Mark Read

Mark is the chief executive officer at WPP. He was appointed to this position back in September, 2018 but he has also held different ones within the company. For example, he was a Head of Strategy and CEO of WPP Digital for 12 years. During this time, Mark helped the company to move into technology. He has also been included in the Financial Times & HERoes Champions of Women in Business list due to his support of women and their careers.

16. Richard Lazazzera

Richard is the founder of “A Better Lemonade Stand” which helps people to succeed with their online businesses. If you’re an owner of such business, you would know that a lot of decisions come into play. These decisions, no matter how small, could in combination either help you or hurt you. Therefore, keep “A Better Lemonade Stand” in mind for there you could find advice on how to make better decisions.

17. Ben Zettler

Ben is an expert when it comes to digital marketing, ecommerce and social media. His skills revolve around making brands grow bigger in a tactical and efficient way. He is the Director of Digital Marketing for Steiner Sports. If you check out some of his photos you will see him next to the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Mark Cuban. Ben also has a certificate for being a Shopify Expert which adds to the list of his qualities.

18. Talia Wolf

Talia is a specialist when it comes to conversion optimization, and she is here to help business to succeed. She’s concerned with possible sales funnels issues and has great ideas in this regard. Talia is about emotional targeting and optimization that is customer-driven. This refers to creating experiences for your customers and thus inclining them to convert. Talia is able to do this by helping businesses to learn and use what their customers are thinking.

19. Linda Bustos

Linda likes to label herself as an eCommerce junkie which is justified considering her expertise on the subject. She is an eCommerce strategist and has been working in the field for over 10 years. A lot of big brands have found use of her help. In order to do same, you should check out Ecommerce Illustrated. Linda has also shared her advice through The LA Times, Forbes, Inc Magazine, New York Times, and more.

20. James Gurd

James is the owner of Digital Juggler and the co-host of EcomChat which involves weekly discussions on eCommerce. James is also an eCommerce consultant whose experience has been building for more than 15 years. This makes him an expert in eCommerce strategy and replatforming. In other words, he’s here to help his clients when it comes to selecting platforms which could be rather complex. Reports from his clients have described James’ involvement as invaluable.

21. Tim Peter

Tim is the author of Thinks blog where he shares his expertise on online marketing and eCommerce. He’s been in the business for a while and has been helping companies to find success. His eCommerce beginnings date to 1995 and he has reached several milestones since. One of them is launching Tim Peter & Associates back in 2011. This is an internet marketing consulting firm that offers great eCommerce services. Tim focuses on web analytics and content strategy among other things.

22. Zia Daniell Widger

Zia is the Chief Global Content Officer at Shoptalk and is also the co-founder of Groceryshop. She is concerned with all the latest eCommerce trends that occur across the planet. The first Groceryshop conference attracted 2,200 attendees and 400 exhibitors. This is quite a lot considering it was the first time that the event was held. Zia notes that the grocery industry businesses need to keep track of the advancements in technology.

23. Bill D’Alessandro

Bill is the CEO of Elements Brands, which is concerned with the acquisition and scaling of CPG brands. The company owns numerous consumer products companies that begun with loyal followings. With the help of Elements Brands, these smaller companies have been able to reach bigger audiences. This has been in thanks to innovative digital marketing, capital investment, building of expertise, and more. However, despite the involvement of Elements Brands, all the smaller companies have kept their uniqueness.

24. Kunle Campbell

Kunle is a firm believer in the idea that success is an ongoing process rather than something permanent. The same goes for learning, and the fact that we could all always improve. Kunle is involved with brainstorming ideas over at 2XeCommerce. The name refers to a Growth Consultancy & Podcast that helps people with massively increasing sales. 2xmedia are concerned with marketing management that includes Facebook advertising, Google shopping, and more.

25. Francesca S Nicasio

Francesca is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, but she is also a content strategist. One of the great things about her is that she knows what she wants. Moreover, she states that this has always been the case. Writing is her passion and not only is she excellent at it, but her skills could greatly help with sales funnels. In other words, you could use her help when it comes to attracting readers and converting them into leads.

Final Words

And there you have it, an effective list to offer you a preview of some of the best eCommerce experts that you could find on Twitter.

All of these people have some great advice to share and you should make sure to take advantage of their knowledge. Feel free to look more into the work and grab from their experience. In addition, you can always seek technical advice in leading eCommerce forums and communities. There are hundreds of members who are happy to share their best practices and experiences in growing their eCommerce business.

Of course, you should also always take advantage of great tools that could help you to efficiently put your knowledge into practice. One such tool is SyncSpider which allows you to quickly update all of the products that you’re selling on all platforms. This includes your own online store as well as big marketplaces like Amazon & eBay.

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