Vbout integrations


VBOUT is a lead generation and marketing automation platform trusted by 1000's of businesses agencies to automate and centralize their marketing while delivering intelligent, personalized experiences to their audiences.

Here’s what you can do with Vbout and SyncSpider

Export from Vbout
By using this Integration as a Source, you can export following Entities from it.

Get Contacts Lists

Get Contacts

Get Contacts by Email

Get All Campaigns

Get Coupons

Get Coupons for a Campaign

Import to Vbout
By using this Integration as a Target, you can import following Entities to it.

Add Contacts to a List

Sync Contacts in a List

Add Tags

Add Carts

Add Cart Items

Add Orders

Add Activities

Add Product Search

Add Product View

Add Category View

Add/Update Customers

Popular Vbout Integrations

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Send Contacts by Email from Vbout to Google Sheets



Add Contacts to a List from Zendesk Support to Vbout



Add Contacts in a List from Facebook to Vbout



Add Tags from Google Sheets to Vbout



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