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Insightly CRM integrations

Insightly CRM - engaging customer journeys and much more

Grow your business faster by building lasting relationships with your customers, through every step of the customer journey. Create engaging customer journeys and grow pipeline or centralize your customer data and close more deals.

Popular Insightly CRM Integrations


Send Send Contacts from Insightly CRM to Capsule crm

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Send Organisations from Insightly CRM to Hubspot

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Send Leads from Insightly CRM to ActiveCampaign

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Add Add Contacts from Capsule crm to Insightly CRM

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Add Organisations from Hubspot to Insightly CRM

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Add Leads from ActiveCampaign to Insightly CRM

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Here’s what you can do with Insightly CRM and SyncSpider

Export from Insightly CRM
By using this Integration as a Source, you can export following Entities from it.

Send Contacts

Send Organisations

Send Leads

Send Users

Send Teams

Send Team Members

Send Lead Sources

Send Lead Statuses

Send Projects

Send Opportunities

Send Opportunity Categories

Send Pipelines

Send Pipeline Stages

Send Project Categories

Import to Insightly CRM
By using this Integration as a Target, you can import following Entities to it.

Add Contacts

Add Organisations

Add Leads

Add Teams

Add Team Members

Add Lead Sources

Add Lead Statuses

Add Projects

Add Opportunities

Add Opportunity Categories

Add Project Categories

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