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Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions blend CRM and ERP capabilities. SyncSpider takes your Dynamics 365 experience to the next level, offering seamless integration that connects your Dynamics 365 suite with +400 apps on our integration list.

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Microsoft Dyncamics 365 Integration tools

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions

Streamlined Business Processes
Streamlined Business Processes

Connect Dynamics 365 with your eCommerce, marketing, and customer service platforms to ensure a unified approach to business management.
Data Synchronization in Real-Time
Data Synchronization in Real-Time

Achieve a single source of truth by synchronizing data across Dynamics 365 and other systems, enhancing accuracy and decision-making.

Harnessing the Power of Dynamics 365 in Your Business Ecosystem

Custom Integration Flows
Custom Integration Flows

Create tailored integration workflows that suit your business needs, allowing for flexible and efficient data exchange between Dynamics 365 and other tools.
Automation and Efficiency
Automation and Efficiency

Leverage automation to streamline critical business operations, reducing manual efforts and focusing on strategic growth.

Tailored Dynamics 365 Integration for Diverse Business Needs

Whether you’re looking to enhance your sales, customer service, operations, or any other area, SyncSpider’s Dynamics 365 integration solutions are designed to be adaptable and scalable. We cater to various industries and business sizes, ensuring a smooth integration process that aligns with your specific objectives and challenges.


Dyncamics 365 and Syncspider Integration

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration: Versions and Legacy Systems

When integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, it’s important to recognize the various versions and legacy systems to ensure seamless connectivity and functionality. SyncSpider supports a wide range of Dynamics systems, including:

Dynamics 365 Versions:

  • Regular updates and releases with varying features and improvements.
  • Tailored integration solutions for different Dynamics 365 versions based on specific business needs.

Legacy Microsoft Dynamics Products:

  • Dynamics AX (Axapta): Integrated into Dynamics 365 Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Commerce.
  • Dynamics CRM: Evolved into Dynamics 365 modules like Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing.
  • Dynamics GP (Great Plains): Legacy ERP solution, functionalities now part of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Dynamics NAV (Navision): Transformed into Dynamics 365 Business Central, targeting mid-sized businesses.
  • Dynamics SL (Solomon): Focused on project-based businesses, considered a legacy system compared to modern Dynamics 365 solutions.

Active Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales: This product focuses on sales automation and provides tools for lead management, sales forecasting, and performance analytics.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, businesses can create a holistic view of each customer, leveraging data analytics and AI to drive actionable insights and personalized customer engagement strategies.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Designed for omnichannel customer support, including case management and self-service options.
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service: Manages field service operations, including work order management, scheduling, and mobile workforce enablement.
  • Dynamics 365 Finance: Provides financial management functionalities, including accounting, budgeting, project management, and financial reporting.
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: Offers tools for manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics to optimize production and distribution.
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce: Designed for both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores, offering unified retail solutions.
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources: Manages HR processes like employee records, benefits administration, and performance management.
  • Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Integrates project management with sales, resourcing, and finance for project-based businesses.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central: An all-in-one business management solution for small to mid-sized businesses, covering finance, operations, sales, and customer service.
  • Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection: Provides fraud protection services, leveraging AI to help protect online revenue and reputation.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: A customer data platform that helps unify and understand customer data to enhance customer experiences.
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: Enables technicians to collaborate more effectively in a mixed-reality environment.
  • Dynamics 365 Guides: Helps create interactive guides for training and processes in a mixed-reality environment.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice: This product offers real-time feedback and survey capabilities, enabling businesses to capture, analyze, and act on customer sentiments and feedback. It helps create surveys, collect responses, and analyze feedback to improve customer experiences.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relationship Sales: Enhance the sales process by providing deeper insights into customer relationships, leveraging data from both Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn. 

Our integration platform, SyncSpider, is designed to navigate these variants effectively, ensuring that your data integration process is smooth, reliable, and tailored to your specific system requirements, regardless of the Dynamics version or legacy system you use.

Expanding the Capabilities of Your
Dynamics 365 Suite

With SyncSpider’s Dynamics 365 integration, you can:

Enhance Customer Experience
Enhance Customer Relationships

Integrate Dynamics 365 with your CRM and customer engagement tools to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience.
optimize operational efficiency
Optimize Operational Efficiency

Connect Dynamics 365 with your ERP, supply chain, and logistics tools to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

Why Choose SyncSpider for Your Dynamics 365 Integration?

Expertise in Microsoft Solutions
Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in Microsoft solutions, ensuring a deep understanding of Dynamics 365 integration nuances.
Secure and Compliant Integrations We prioritize the security and compliance of your data, employing robust measures to protect your information throughout the integration process.

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Frequently asked questions

How does SyncSpider integrate Dynamics 365 with other business applications?

SyncSpider integrates Dynamics 365 with other business applications through a robust and flexible API framework. We create seamless connections between Dynamics 365 and various applications, including eCommerce platforms, CRM systems, marketing tools, and more. Our integration process involves mapping data fields, automating data transfer, and ensuring real-time synchronization, allowing efficient data flow and process automation across your business ecosystem.

Can SyncSpider handle custom requirements in Dynamics 365 integration?

Absolutely. We understand that every business has unique needs and processes. SyncSpider is designed to offer customizable integration solutions. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements and configure the integration to align with your business processes, data structures, and workflow needs. Whether it’s custom fields, specific data workflows, or unique synchronization schedules, we tailor the integration to meet your business objectives.

What are the security measures in place for Dynamics 365 data integration?

Security is paramount in all our integrations. For Dynamics 365 data integration, SyncSpider employs multiple layers of security. This includes data encryption in transit and at rest, secure authentication protocols, and compliance with GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations. We also conduct regular security audits and updates to ensure the highest data security and integrity level, safeguarding your business information at every step of the integration process.

How does SyncSpider ensure minimal disruption during the Dynamics 365 integration process?

Our integration process is designed to be as non-disruptive as possible. We typically start with a thorough planning phase to understand your system and identify any potential challenges. The actual integration is then carried out in a staged approach, often starting with a pilot phase involving a subset of data or processes. This allows us to monitor the integration’s performance and make any necessary adjustments before a full-scale rollout. Throughout the process, we ensure that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions remain fully operational, minimizing any impact on your day-to-day operations.