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Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an Agile project management tool from the agile software development experts. Easy to use, Tracker enables real time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog.

Here’s what you can do with Pivotal Tracker and SyncSpider

Export from Pivotal Tracker
By using this Integration as a Source, you can export following Entities from it.

Get Projects

Get Accounts

Get Project Memberships

Get Project Labels

Get Project Stories

Get Story Tasks

Get Story Blockers

Get Project Epics

Get Workspaces

Get Project Releases

Import to Pivotal Tracker
By using this Integration as a Target, you can import following Entities to it.

Add Projects

Add Workspaces

Add Story To Project

Add Membership To Account

Add Label to Project

Add Membership To Project

Add Task To Story

Blocker To Story

Add Epic To Story

Popular Pivotal Tracker Integrations

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Send Project Memberships from Pivotal Tracker to Slack



Add Projects from Gmail to Pivotal Tracker



Add Workspaces from Google Sheets to Pivotal Tracker



Add Story To Project from Asana to Pivotal Tracker



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