Release Notes, Week 99


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Release Notes, Week 99

Hello, SyncSpiders!

Did you know that according to Statista, the footwear spring/summer shopping starts in may? Yes, 33% of the US shoppers purchased their spring/summer footwear in May, while 25% in April, and only 11% in June. ????????????

So, if you sell footwear, you know when to introduce your new collection next time! And if you have a Shopify store, we have some special news for you!

We enhanced Shopify cache options – product performance, boosting it from 30 to 7 minutes

Oh, and we have a new integration on the list! is a tool for speeding up your video uploads. A useful tool for your creative team! 

And yes, we have more updates! New integration and integration improvements for Lightspeed Retail, WooCommerce, Custom CSV, Shopify, Shopware 5, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, Magento 2, and SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out! ????????????

New Integrations is a new integration on our list that enables you to speed up upload footage up to 5X, comment directly on the clip, draw directly on the video to relay your message clearly, and compare versions side by side. Use this module: 

  • As Source: Get Accounts, Project User Collaborator, Get Projects by Team, Get Project by ID, Get Team Members, Get Teams for User, Get All Teams on an Account
  • As Target: Create a Custom Action, Create a Project, Team for Given Account

Improved Integrations

Lightspeed Retail

We fixed the bug in setting Lightspeed Retail as a source for Lightspeed Retail users.


For WooCommerce users, 

  • We improved creating categories
  • Added meta fields in filters for the order entity
  • We made module improvements regarding transferring orders to enable sharing the product prices before any promotional code or discount was applied.

Custom CSV

Those Custom CSV users who were a bit confused with the screen label “update records” will be happy to know we’ve changed it to “import changed data only.” On top of that, we have a new premium custom field for exporting orders to CSV. 


For Shopify users, we improved the Product entity performance by speeding up the execution time from 30 to 7 minutes.

Shopware 5

Shopware 5 users will be happy to know that from now on, they can import PDF spreadsheets from any integration to Shopware 5.

Google Sheets

For Google Sheets users, we fixed the issue with uploading exported files. 


ActiveCampaign users who experienced issues with the Contact Entity will be happy to know we fixed the bug, and now it’s functioning!


We fixed the bug with the error when fetching data on Magento 2.

App upgrades and fixes

As for SyncSpider core updates, we improved the design for post-registration

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