Release Notes, Week 96

Hello, dear SyncSpiders!

Did you have a nice weekend? The previous week was one of the rare slow weeks for us, so we have a less extensive list of updates for you. 🌴🌴🌴

But who knows, maybe you’ll find just the thing you were looking forward to in this Release Note! 🧐

Oh, and by the way, according to statistics, there are some holidays where the customer spendings increase. If you successfully managed Easter, the next ones you need to prepare for are International Mothers’ Day and International Fathers’ Day.🎁🎁

Okay, these can be a bit challenging if you’re selling your products worldwide because different countries mark them on different dates. 📅😕❓

For example, if your target market is the USA, the UK, France, Ireland, Japan, India, Philippines, South Africa, and China, Fathers’ Day would be the third Sunday of June (the 19th of June). 

But if you aim to some other markets, check twice on what date they celebrate Faters’ Day, so that you don’t get disappointed. For example, Austria and Belgium celebrate it on the second Sunday of June, Denmark on the 5th of June, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland on the second Sunday of November, etc.

The same goes for Mothers’ Day as well. We’ll just mention that it’s celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Australia, Italy, the USA, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, Brazil, Austria, and many more countries. Still, some, like the UK, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, France, and other countries, have various dates for Mothers’ day.

Okay, after this slight digression, let’s get back to our Release Note updates! 

Last week we improved Dokan, CS-Cart, Shopify, ITscope, Amazon SP-API, HelloCash, Freshsales, Flowlu, and SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out! 👇👇👇


Dokan users will notice shortened loading time and improved performances on the Mapping screen when using pa_x fields. We made the system recognize unused fields and leave them out. 


For CS-Cart users, we fixed the bug with custom fields breaking tasks.


Shopify users will have no more issues with meta fields that the system couldn’t read as a source. The bug is fixed!


As for ITscope, we fixed the bug causing issues when pulling images from ITscope.


With Amazon SP-API, we changed how filters work with Amazon SP-API Orders and improved it. 

Hello Cash

For Hello Cash users, we added a new Entity (the Change Article Stock) to improve the stock changing and eliminate the issue of overwriting unmapped fields when updating articles. 


Freshsales users will notice that we improved updating process for the multiple values updates to multisection fields on Freshsales.


Flowlu users will notice they can extract custom fields, so the system doesn’t read them as collections. 

App upgrades and fixes

And finally, the list of SyncSpider core updates:

  • Fixed bug with setting triggers and the message “Error while updating task triggers.”
  • Fixed bug with logging in to the app and resetting the password
  • Fixed bug with task missing from the task execution history
  • Fixed bug related to merging workflows
  • Added the “exclude from request” checkbox on the External API schema builder
  • We improved the Date Manipulation Field to avoid the empty fields showing up.
  • We improved the Date/Time transformation process.

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