Release Notes, Week 90


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Release Notes, Week 90

Congratulations, dear SyncSpiders! ????????????

You did it! Up for today, our users have performed more than 3 million tasks!!!! ????????????

We are so proud of you!!! ????

We wish you even better turnover in the coming period so that together we can reach 10 million completed tasks! ????

Now, did you know that in 2019, only 22% of the eCommerce stores had automated processes? The percentage has grown in the last three years, but still, it’s not exceeded 30%. ????????

And that’s your chance!  You’re still among the pioneers if you decide to automate your business today.

And to make automation easy for you, we’re doing our best to improve, innovate, and update existing integrations, enable new ones, and constantly improve SyncSpider.  

This week, for example, we have new SyncSpider core updates that will make the first steps when beginning to use our automation solution much more effortless. 

When you insert your phone number or VAT number, know that there’s a pre-populated field (Country code field) based on the country of origin, so you don’t have to fill it. And if you still need additional explanation, there’s the tooltip. ✅

And for all of you who struggled to find our API on the profile page, you’ll be happy to know that we moved it to the Settings page to be more accessible. ????✅

Besides that, this week, we improved Shopify, Magento 2, Lightspeed, Shopware, Amazon, and Custom CVS, and of course, we have more SyncSpider core updates!

Check them out! ????????????

Improved Integrations


Shopify users will notice that we removed the unsupported schema element Transaction from Create Order.


For Magento2, we have two updates; we fixed the label created at the Order entity and updated Magento Orders’ DateTime fields.


Lightspeed users will notice we fixed the bug with no source configs; sync task ID not loaded.


For all Shopware users, we fixed Shopware Products Import for all who faced empty response checks for ConfigurationGroup.


Amazon users will be happy to know that Amazon added support for the PII token, and you’ll be able to pull the information data you need.


And for CustomCSV, we added a fix for CSV destination config that was not showing the file name. 

App upgrades and fixes

And finally, more SyncSpider Core updates:

  • We improved plan checkout UX, added loader,
  • Added support for company attributes and limits check,
  • Added shortcut to company exceeded limits through auth service,
  • Fixed Split Custom Field – wrong field type on the update,
  • Improved UX for VAT number input,
  • Added new design for status code pages,
  • Fixed check of organization number limits,
  • Company task logger improvement – added request JSON body copy button,
  • When adding or editing roles, now you have the proper error message displaying if something goes wrong.

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