Release Notes, Week 87

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Release Notes, Week 87

Hello, hello, SyncSpiders!

It’s the first quartal, we know. It’s not such a good time for eCommerce. The statistics show that the first quartal is always the driest season for online sales. ????????

People get drained during the Christmas holidays, and they just need to re-charge their wallets. ???? Don’t worry; your online shop will be crowded with people the moment spring starts knocking on our doors. ????????????

Nevertheless, this is the perfect time to change something, offer something new to your customers, re-think your business, and see how you can level it up and improve. ????

We know because we have been doing the same for the past five years. Always re-thinking, constantly improving. ????

And here’s what we have prepared for you this week!

We have improved Custom CSV, Google Shopping, WooCommerce integrations, and of course, we have a lot of SyncSpider core updates!

Check them all! ????????????

Improved Integrations

Custom CSV

For Custom CSV users, we have

  • Fixed tab separator issues,
  • Change custom_csv_fields label type (change label type into longText), and
  • Fixed mistyped string for Custom CSV

Google Shopping

Google Shopping users will notice some changes regarding export logic. Yes, we’ve updated the Google Shopping Product export logic.


For WooCommerce users, we’ve extended WooCommerce products with added supported image types.

App upgrades and fixes

And when it comes to SyncSpider core updates, hold on, we have a long list:

  • Added user registered event on social login
  • New settings web UI: Minor improvements
  • Show task runs instead of tasks
  • Remove beta label
  • Properly position limits
  • Added new permissions for roles
  • Added TeamLeader and Twist OAuth2 Templates – External API
  • Added Front OAuth2 Template – External API
  • Fixed error with rendering custom fields in mapper and the issue with the calculated field
  • Created premium ultimate concatenated custom field
  • Added OAuth2 Template – External API
  • Added Cargo OAuth2 Template – External API
  • Updated Keap Webhook Transformer – External API
  • Fixed connection limit flag issue
  • Added Workflow Collection to complex: generic solution, workflow settings filter first level collections to apply col2complex workflow, changes dataType schema retrieval to identify multiple value fields.

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