Release Notes, Week 86

Hi, there, SyncSpiders!

It’s 22.02.2022! Wow, how many twos! 😜 We’ve almost spent the whole of February! Is it just us, or does the time fly so fast? ⏳

That’s maybe the reason why time is so precious, and we really want to use the best of it constructively. And all those who use some of the automation software will tell you how useful it can be. 

For example, McKinsey’s research suggests that tasks that occupy more than 20% of a CEO’s working time could be automated using current technologies, and according to Finance Digest, it is predicted that by the end of 2025, more than 95% of customers interactions will be led by AI. 

What percentage of your eCommerce business is automated? Have you ever thought about it? And what are segments that the automation can be improved? 🤔

While you think about that, let us tell you what we’ve been working on last week.

So, let’s see what we have for you in this Release Note! We’ve improved Etsy, Shopware6, AutoScout24, and Shopify. Oh, and, of course, SyncSpider core updates

Check out all the updates! 👇👇👇


For Etsy users, we’ve added the Receipt as the source entity.


Shopware6 users will notice changes within the category and product export segment. 

  • We added an option to choose category root & layout on product export,
  • Fixed the issue with category duplication when creating hierarchies,
  • Added an option to dynamically create manufacturer on product export.


AutoScout24 updates are related to handling the existing listing without having the ‘offerReferenceId’ field we use as a UID.


For Shopify users, we have a product export update – wrong function argument count.

App upgrades and fixes

As for SyncSpider updates, we have the whole list!

  • We’ve added the Exact Globe OAuth2 Template – External API,
  • Added OAuth2 Template for Lightspeed Retail – External API,
  • Fixed calculated custom field issue with collections.

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