Release Notes, Week 84

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My, oh, my, this season is getting too annoying. We hope you feel much better than we do at the moment. And before we jump to our regular updates, here are five tips on how to stay healthy during this sneezing season.

  1. Dress appropriately – changing temperature during the day can play tricks on us; make sure to dress in layers.
  2. A variety of foods – vitamins are great, but they are not the only thing that keeps your engine going; make sure to eat various foods.
  3. Get enough sleep – our body is regenerating during sleep, which goes for the immune system.
  4. Stay active – don’t be lazy – move around; running up and down the stairs counts.
  5. Keep it clean – your hands and your working and living environment needs to be clean; wash your hands and clean your room (or office) regularly.

Now that we have settled all of this, let’s see what’s new! What’s been cooking in our kitchen during these past two weeks?

Well, first of all, we continued to work on our new design, which we will present to you soon! Besides that, we have several SyncSpider core updates, and we improved PrestaShop and ShoeppingAT integrations.

Stay updated! 👇👇👇


We have an extensive list of updates for PrestaShop users, so it’s better to present them separately.

• Prestashop image proxy doesn’t allow arbitrary image extension to be included in the URL

• Prestashop will include .jpg in the image URL during export

• Extend source and destination schema to include the ‘Manufacturer’ field

• Fixed undefined index error

• Image is now required field

• Handle empty ‘image’ anyway

• Fixed the Tax Rules Group field not being sent – options weren’t generating correctly

• Fixed standalone feature fields – not being transformed correctly


For those of you who are using ShoeppingAT, we improved the image validator. It’s now properly validating image extensions when the path to the image is an URL.

App upgrades and fixes

And for SyncSpider core updates:

• We updated the execution log, added order by, and the first and the last page in pagination.

• We added support, not set value for core filters

• Fixed file reading list – FTP connection

• Updated Custom Field Split – Convert output fields to text type, minor UI fixes

• And we updated the merge workflow for destination

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