Release Notes, Week 81


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Release Notes, Week 81

Welcome to the 2022 adventure, SyncSpiders! ????????????????

Are you ready for new challenges and new achievements? ???????? We hope you made some significant decisions for the exciting year ahead!

If you still haven’t decided, let us suggest one of your decisions be connected with time management. Leave everything that eats up your time in the previous year and start this new one without time-consuming habits, processes, actions, or things.

Did you know that the average person spends seven hours online a day? Seven hours!!! ???????? Yeah, that’s a lot of time, especially if you’re checking your social networks and watching videos non-related to your work or anything productive during that time. 

And you all know that if you want to be more efficient and productive, you need to stick to your schedule and pay attention to your time management.

Right to the point! We have some good news for you! We are starting the year with two new integrations, Revue and Clockify, which can help you manage your time and make your team more efficient. ⏳

But, no, that’s not all! We have new updates for our existing integrations, Freshservice, Shopware6, CustomXML, eBay, Amazon, MailerLite, Shoepping, Odoo, and our SyncSpider core updates.

We value your time, so let’s get on business right away! ⇋????????????

SyncSpider Team

New Integrations


Project management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes, digital agencies, NGOs, and educational institutions track productivity and billable work hours across projects. Use this module: 

  • As Source: Send Workspaces, Send Client, Send Projects, Send Tags, Send Tasks, Send Users, Send Time Entries, Send Groups
  • As Target: Add Client, Add Project, Add Tag, Add Task, Add Time Entry, Add Group


Revue is designed to create a gorgeous newsletter within a few clicks to make communication with followers extremely easy. Use this module: 

  • As Source: Send Lists, Send Items, Send Current Issue, Send Sent Issues, Send Subscribers
  • As Target: Add Item, Add Subscriber

Improved Integrations


For Freshservice users, we have three new updates

  • We fixed undefined JS functions,
  • Added Freshservice tickets UID API route, and
  • Fixed Freshservice tickets UID controller namespace


We’re happy to inform all those who had experienced issues with Shopware6 that we optimized Shopware6 product import and updated the Product entity transformer.


If you are using CustomXML, you’ll be happy to know that we added support for large file uploads.


We’re happy to inform those who use eBay and experienced issues with storage data that we fixed the prevent errors with missing the last update storage date.


Amazon users have three new updates at the very beginning of 2022:

  • We updated Amazon SP API application credentials,
  • We updated Amazon integrations names, and
  • We added the update creating name option if the product is a variant.


For MailerLite users, we added Groups in the Subscriber entity and added Group attribute to Subscriber entity as a destination.


Shöpping users have one new update; we updated API routs.


And for Odoo users, weadded improved Odoo product images logs.

App upgrades and fixes

As for SyncSpider core updates, we have four new updates to save your time. 

  • We added support for the collections in the Concatenated custom field. You can also use the Concatenated field for the Collection fields from now on.
  • We added support for collections in the calculated custom field in the form of the main collection picker, basic resolver, and refactor/translation. We added calculation for the collections, and the handler for missing values or different collection sizes refactors the whole resolver flow.
  • We added a fix for the Intercom that sends user IDs to Intercom; we added a migration to send user IDs for users registered in the last 20 days.
  • We updated the Timestamp Transformation in Date Transformation Workflow.

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