Release Notes, Week 80

Tick-tack, tick-tack, tick-tack, ⏳⏳⏳ the year is ticking away, and we’re closing 2021 with the 80th jubilar Release Note! ????

Dear SyncSpiders!

It’s been an exciting year, and we hope it was a successful one for you!

And since it’s the jubilar one, we would like to share some statistical data and take you to the little ride through 2021. 

We’re closing the year with:

  • 6,400 new users
  • 135% overall growth for all our social media channels
  • 30% average organic website traffic
  • 4.7 and 4.8-star ratings on Capterra nad
  • 5,374 downloads of our eCom Ops Podcast
  • 130 new integrations
  • 13,105 created connections to external systems
  • 18,871 tasks, 
  • and 2,289,328 task runs

And we know we wouldn’t be here without You! We wish you the best in 2022, with the most extended list of completed tasks and mind-blowing statistics!

As you know, our team is working every week to improve the existing integrations or introduce new ones. And the week behind us was no different. We prepared significant SyncSpider core updates, especially for complex workflows and tasks. 

We have the new Collection numerator field and the Conditional field. With the first one, complex workflows have just become much easier! Your orders will be automatically numerically positioned! For example, if your Chart requires numeration and doesn’t exist on the source, it will be automatically set by the system, enabling your straightforward data managing. The second one allows you to create any strings, which is crucial for collections and complex tasks. If you are using Dokan or Shopify, you might have encountered problems with missing values, but with this new feature, you can unset the value to fit the destination, and your problem is solved!

Furthermore, we improved FreshDesk, Moosend, PlentyMarkets, and WooCommerce integrations and prepared more SyncSpider core updates.

Check them out before the year fades away! ????????????

SyncSpider Team


UseINBOX is a cloud e-mail software. It is easy to use and has smart features to grow your business via email marketing. Use this module: 

  • As Source: Send Contacts, Send Campaigns, Send Newsletters, Send Contact Lists, Send Senders, Send Custom Fields Send Groups
  • As Target: Add Newsletters, Add Senders, Add Contact Lists, Add Contacts To List, Add Campaigns With Newsletter, Add Campaigns With Custom HTML, Add Groups

Improved Integrations


FreshDesk users will no longer experience issues with contact lists. These three updates resolve any problems you might have encountered.

  • Contact updated unset company name if we get empty value from the source.
  • Added contact auto Match on Create or updated contact.
  • Updated validation for Contacts’ other emails.


For Moosend users, we updated pagination on subscribers.


PlentyMarkets users will have updated variation stock to calculate stocks for different locations, including the updated variation stock testing failed cases.


And for WooCommerce users, we added the WooCommerce Product on sale field.

App upgrades and fixes

Besides the SyncSpider core updates mentioned before, we prepared this week the following improvements:

  • Improved field naming and IU for Custom field: Extract Fields from the string.
  •  Added fix, check if element value is missing in creating category tree – Hierarchy.
  • We updated the free trial plan validation logic.
  • File Module – Updated FTP login to try to go with SSL.
  • Fixed HTML custom field width;
  • We added application health check functionality.
  • Fixed companies not being created in Intercom: change getCompany ‘Not Found’ exception handling; Uncomment prod environment check; onSyncTaskFinish – do getOrCreateCompany instead of just getCompany;
  • Added null support and improved conditional field (Added support to check items separately in the collection and attach output on items), previously mentioned. 

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