Release Notes, Week 79

Ho-Ho-Ho, SyncSpiders! ????????????????

Have you been naughty this year? ???? Did you end up without Christmas presents?  Ooh, we’re so sorry, but no worries, we’re here to comfort you! ????

It is estimated that average personal spending on Christmas gifts in the USA in 2021 will be $886, the highest amount in the past 20 years. What’s your cut? 

If you didn’t go well during the whole of 2021, here’s your chance to boost your sales! You have a few more days until the year ticks off. ⏳ 

Whether your business is thriving or dying in 2021, and whether you were naughty or good, we’re here to widen the possibilities and make your 2022 much better than the previous one!

Are you ready for our Christmas presents today? ????????????

So, let’s start with SyncSpider core updates that will blow your mind!

For all our users, we improved the triggering option. In 2022, you’ll be able to set URL tracked by SyncSpider. ????Whenever some change occurs in your system, just fire that particular URL with the POST method and SyncSpider will start the task run. No more spending your task runs in vain; let it run only if the change happens! Furthermore, we have a new Custom Field, “Extract from a string.”

And no, it’s not the only present we have for you! For allWooCommerce and Dokan users, we have a special gift! With our new update, you’ll be able to set a trigger for the specific order status of the event! SyncSpider automatically tracks and recognizes order status and starts task run when the order reaches the selected status.????

Oh, and we have to mention one more! We have a new feature, a File monitor trigger ???????????? for all CSV integrations! Now you can set a monitoring system and establish a dynamic that suits your business needs. It can run every minute, hour, day, week, whatever fits you best.  

And no, that’s not all! We have new updates for Shopify, FreshDesk, CustomCSV, eBay, Moosend, Xero, WooCommerce, and, of course, SyncSpider Core updates! Check them out! ????????????

SyncSpider Team


For Shopify users, we’ve added Shopify published_scope and variation_type field to Product Entity and Parent UID based on the variation type.


FreshDesk users will be able to use the new schema field to Contacts entity other_emails, and we updated the empty UID message.


Moosend users will notice updated pagination on subscribers.


For eBay, we added a quantity deduction.

Custom CSV

For CustomCSV users, we added the option to change labels on feed URL CSV when missing headers are on.


For Xero users, we updated Client refresh token logic and auth scopes.


WooCommerce integration didn’t have only the update we’ve mentioned before. We have the whole list there 🙂 

  • We added WooCommerce Variations attributes check (Updated logic for handling product attributes, strip attributes from Variation if the attribute does not belong to same)
  • Added WooCommerce Products valid date casting for on-sale dates.
  • Fixed WooCommerce attributes missing id.
  • Added WooCommerce Order dynamic events when Order status is changed

App upgrades and fixes

And the absolute winner this week would be the SyncSpider core updates with the following list:

  • Fixed LastExecution not found.
  • Set multiple Value attributes for a custom field attached to the schema.
  • Added remove task triggers if the task is not active for 7 days.
  • Changed Intercom chat loading depending on WHMCS attribute.
  • Updated limits logs added more info about tasks and companies.
  • Updated testimonials on the register page.
  • Added File monitor trigger (feature from dev meet).
  • Fixed Concatenated Field Complex In Complex issue.
  • Added Sequential import proper execution log.
  • Added support to clone constant value mapping fields.
  • Added option to avoid encoding of URL params – External API.
  • Updated JSON decode action Workflow – AddOrModify Schema.
  • Added new Custom Field “Extract from a string.” 

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