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Hi, there shiny happy people! ????????????

Did the winter knock on your door yet? ????⛄ Any snow flex on your windows? ❆❄❅ How’s your sale on cold winters days? Is it cooling down or boiling? 

Well, according to statistics, over the past five years, almost 20% of overall sales were in November and December. And if we add that it is expected online retail to take a 25.5% share of overall sales, we guess it’s high season for all of you! ????????????

And just to be prepared for it, we’ve worked on some updates to make your life even easier.????

First of all, we have nine new integrations! Yeah, we’ve been busy. ???? Now you can sync Syncro, Tookan, Ontraport, NetHunt CRM, WealthboxCRM, PagerDuty, AgileCRM and Kintone.

We’ve updated Shopware6, Freshdesk, ItScope and PrestaShop integrations, and, as you know, we have our regular SyncSpider core updates. ????????

Not to lose a minute more, let’s see what these new updates brought to your business.????????????

SyncSpider Team

New Integrations

Syncro MSP

Syncro MSP is a modern RMM & PSA platform designed for MSPs. We believe that different voices, backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and perspectives must be blended into the workforce. We are a community supporting innovation and growth. Use this module:

  • as a source: List Appointment Types, List Appointments, List Asset, List Contacts, List Customer, List Contracts, List Estimates, List Tickets, List Invoices, List Line Items, List Leads, List Payment Methods, List Portal Users, List Products, List Product Serials, List Purchase, List Schedules, List Vendors

  • as target: Add Appointment Type, Add Appointment, Add Asset, Add Contact, Add Customer, Add Contract, Add Estimate, Add Ticket, Add Lead, Add Invoices, Add Portal User, Add Product, Add Product Serial, Add Purchase, Add Schedule, Add Vendor, Add Products to Order


Tookan is a smart and easy way to simplify local deliveries and manage field workforce. Use this module:

  • as a source: Send Agents, Send Teams, Send Tasks, Send managers, Send Customers, Send User Details

  • as target: Add Pickup Task, Add Delivery Task, Add Pickup & Delivery Task, Add Appointment Task, Add Field Workforce Task, Add Agent, Add Team, Add Manager, Add Customer


Ontraport provides a comprehensive business and marketing automation platform targeted to the specific needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  • as a Source: Get Contacts, Get Groups, Get Users, Get Messages, Get Products, Get Tags, Get Taxtypes, Get Shippingtypes, Get Coupons, Get Tasks, Get Gateways, Get Campaigns.

  • as Target: Create a Contact, Create a Message, Assign Task to the Users, Add a Product, Add Tag, Create Taxtype, Add Shippingtype, Create a Coupon, Create a Transaction, Create a Campaign.

If you find Ontraport integration challenging, check out our Help document.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management tool that integrates with Gmail and enables businesses to manage interactions and records directly from the inbox. Use this module:

  • As Source: List Accessible Folders, List Writable Folders, List Folder Fields, List Records, List Record Comments, List Call Logs, List Google Drive Files, List Updated Records

  • As Target: Create Records, Create Record Comments, Create Record Call Logs

Don’t skip our Step by step guide How to integrate Nethunt CRM

Wealthbox CRM

WealthBox is a customer relationship management platform that helps businesses and financial advisors manage opportunities, projects, clients, tasks, and other administrative operations on a unified dashboard. Use this module:

  • As Source: Send Contacts, Send Tasks, Send Workflows, Send Workflow Templates, Send Events. Send Opportunities, Send Projects, Send Notes, Send Comments, Send User Groups, Send Custom Fields

  • As Target: Add Contact, Add Task, Add Workflow, Add Event, Add Opportunity, Add Project, Add Note


PagerDuty is the central nervous system for a company’s digital operations. We identify issues and opportunities in real time and bring together the right people to respond to problems faster and prevent them in the future. 

  • As Source: Send Services, Send Users, Send Teams, Send Escalation Policies, Send Incidents, Send Tags, Send Business Services, Send Priorities

  • As Target: Add Users, Add Teams, Add Services, Add Incidents

If you want to integrate PagerDuty, check out our Help document.


Use AgileCRM to automate your sales, marketing, and service in one platform. Avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging. 

  • as a source: Send Contacts, Send Deals, Send Companies, Send Contact Notes, Send Tasks, Send Campaigns, Send Help Desk Tickets, Send Help Desk Filters(inactive – used for another data type)

  • as target: Add Contacts, Add Companies, Add Deals, Add Notes To Deals, Add Notes To Contacts, Add Tasks, Add Events

If you are looking for a way to integrate Agile CRM, check out our Help document.


Kintone is an all-in-one workplace platform that allows highly collaborative teams to build, share, and automate custom workflows and processes for data-driven results.

  • as a source: Get Apps, Get Space Members, Get Users, Get Departments, Get Groups

  • as target: Add Space, Add User, Add Departments, Add Groups

Improved Integrations


Now, PrestaShop users will be delighted to hear that we have a list of new updates for them (Yes, we’ve been focused on this segment during last week).

  • Fixed Order destination config being fetched by source connection ID instead of the destination connection ID
  • Fixed some translations in Order schema
  • Removed unused schema part files
  • Added schema generation touch-up
  • Introduced PrestaShop Image proxy to serve as an authentication proxy to access PrestaShop images via Webservice via SyncSpider
  • Fixed Order entity destination configuration loading and configuration page
  • Improved Multistore setting loading to account for buggy/inconsistent PrestaShop behavior


For Shopware6 users, we’ve updated product export execution log messages.


Freshdesk users will have, from now on, support for UID (unique external ID) on contact export.


For ItScope, we’ve just put a bit of makeup and updated the integration Logo.

App upgrades and fixes

And finally, our own, SyncSpider Core updates:

  • Added new Public API  route to create a task with setup
  • Added integrations in tasks usage report
  • Implement handling Intercom Companies; Users are attached to Companies; Company billing and other data is tracked on Intercom
  • Added fails event and logic, added button on task activation
  • Bug fixed on the same workflow
  • Added missing response header to response parser – External API
  • Updated repeat button to show if execution is not older than 7 days
  • Bug fixed auto-repeat feature skipped multiple destination tasks

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