Release Notes, Week 37

Hi everyone, this week we are finally putting out new integrations as well as more updates for the old ones, by the schedule. The new integrations we have are helloCash, Mollie, Recurly and Paperform We also did some work on HelpNinja, Gmail, GoogleDrive, CustomCSV modules, and our Core.

As always, share with us your ideas in regards to what new integrations you think would be useful on our website roadmap and, as always, have a great weekend everybody! 

SyncSpider team.

New Integration


The cash register solution helloCash makes your day-to-day business easier, fulfills all legal requirements, and has many useful functions.

Use this integration to create and send a new Invoice or User or, alternatively, to retrieve Articles, Invoices, Employees, Payment Methods, Services, and Users data. 


Mollie is a licensed business specializing in processing online payments on behalf of merchants (e.g. webshop owners). They ensure that your money is safely transferred from your bank to the webshop and the other way around.

Use this integration to get Customers and Payments data as well as to create and send a Customer data type.​​​​​​​


The subscription management platform delivering unrivaled results to smart brands worldwide. Recurly offers all sorts of features from Subscription Management, Payment Optimization, Billing & Accounting to  Subscriber Retention, Analytics & Insights.

Use this integration to get Accounts, Billing Info or Sites data, as well as to create and send Account and Shipping Address data


Paperform is an online platform that enables anyone to create online forms or product pages quickly, intuitively, and to brand them as they like, all without writing code.

Use this module to retrieve your forms data. 

Improvement – Changed


  • The deprecated Gmail module use to be only available to G-Suite users.


  • Opened public API routes.
  • Added missing translation for the collection field.

Google Drive

  • Added a command for ad hoc actions
    • Working on an adhoc basis allows tasks to be done as they are requested without any formal approval process.


  • Added: Get Sites, Get Collections Get Articles, Create Site, Create Collection, Create Article, Update Site, Update Collection, Update Article



  • Fixed module feed migration
  • Fixed the multiple values checked UI bug.

Custom CSV

  • Fixed saving delimiter for collection fields on the first save

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