Release Notes, Week 131

Hey, hey, SyncSpiders!


Here we are at the beginning of the new and exciting 2023! What did we prepare for you this time? A new feature, several updates, and a wish for you to have a fantastic year ahead!

Let’s start with some good news! We started the year with fantastic 5,000,000 Task Runs completed! Congratulations, dear users! You did it! And we’re glad to see your business grow!

Let us briefly explain the Task Runs for those who do not know. Task Runs are basically triggered tasks, tasks that you have scheduled, triggered by an event, or started manually.

The Task Run is counted once the task trigger is activated. Every time the tasks are activated/triggered by an event, schedule, or manually it will be considered a Task Run.

Don’t hesitate to check our Help Article to learn more about Task Runs.

Sooo, the new feature for Dokan, WooCommerce, and WCFM marketplace. When configuring the Target integration, from now on, you can choose UID in Create Order as a validator for the identification of Order Items.

Config screen syncspider

Furthermore, we resolved some issues our users experienced with Etsy integration, and within our weekly SyncSpider core updates, we fixed two bugs bothering our users!


Improved Integrations



For Etsy users, we resolved a bug causing endless loading when creating a task.

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SyncSpider core updates

  • We resolved a bug causing issues with Value Manipulation Field (not showing Options)
  • We fixed a bug causing errors in transferring Multiple Values.

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