Release Notes, Week 104

Hi, there, SyncSpiders! 👋💕

Yeah, it’s hot. But you’re mistaken if you thought we packed our bags and went on holiday without any updates and improvements. ⚙️🌴🖥️

But first, let us share with you some interesting facts. Did you know that German is the most widely spoken native and an official language in four countries in the European Union: Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Luxembourg. 🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇧🇪 🇱🇺

German is also an official language in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 🇨🇭 🇱🇮 And we’re talking about 95 million potential customers. So, if you’re thinking about the best target market, you should consider German. 💖

And as you know, we’re here to help you! Llet’s start with two new integrations: BMECat and Willhaben!

What else do we have for you? We have regular weekly updates for our integrations, Google Calendar, Freshservice, Ecwid, Shopware 6, and our weekly SyncSpider core updates.

Check them all out! 👇👇👇


BMEcat is an XML-based standard for transferring electronic product catalogs.

The format allows the standardized exchange of catalog data and product classification systems and is used in German-speaking countries.


And we’re staying within Europe, presenting you Willhaben, an Austrian digital marketplace present in 14 countries and has more than 8 million monthly active users.

The company’s success is based on the enormous number of ads, solid regional content, excellent customer care, and a great customer experience.

Improved Integrations

Google Calendar

We fixed the bug related to the date format error within Google Calendar.


For Freshservice users, we fixed the bug related to Bug Requester.


Ecwid users will be happy to know that we’ve checked sorting attributes and there are no more issues.


And Shopware6 users will be happy to know that we’ve improved the Order importing option.

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider core updates

  • We created a workflow to split schema field
  • We improved the Currency converter
  • We created a new route for Public API used for creating new projects
  • We improved and fixed the previous issues with automap constant values. So, if you’re creating a mapping template with unmapped constant values, it will be automatically mapped.

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