Release notes, Week 17, 16, 15 & 14

Hi everyone, we have some great news to share today!

We have added two big integration modules to our list – we are growing 🙂 Adding eBay & Google Drive today!!! 

Of course lot more has been done in the previous 4 weeks, we have ready EtsyLinkedIn, Google Calendar, Google email – but, still waiting on their approvals :/ if you know someone, please ping us!!!

Read more below

New integration modules – Added 

Google Drive

Import and export of the file entity. This entity refers to any file on a Google Drive.

Note that the available query terms differ for user-owned drives and shared drives; because of this, the available filters will be different depending on the drive the user selected when selecting the root folder in Source configuration.

The user should be able to, in general, filter their files by the following fields/properties:

  • This is in place of, now in production, Cloud Storage Module (This will be brought back once finished)


eBay is an online shopping site that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It’s also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel, making partnerships and having partner sellers.

In the following documentation we have the list of all APIs out of which we are focusing, at the moment, on the ones that can help us manage products and orders information.

We have implemented: 

For the source integration; order
For the destination integration; update order status, new products and product updates

New Feature – Added


  •  Per users requests, we have added Company entity


  • ATUM multi inventory plugin support added!!!
  • ATUM inventory management tool WordPress plugin support for Products


  • Module cleaning code for custom filters and multi UID select was added
  • Odoo order entity extended partner UID configuration
  • Added multi selection feature
    • user can select the first UID to check, then the 2nd, 3rd.
    • If first UID is not found Syncspider checks 2nd, 3rd… and continues with other rules after it checked all added possible UIDs 


  • Collections – Added support to source and destination for Metafields 
  • Metafields – Added support to source and destination
  • Added Customs information’s – HS Code, Country of Origin (source and destination)
  • Added “BARCODE” as UID

Improvement – Changed


  • Set shipping SKU from meta if empty
  • WooCommerce module and SyncSpider plugin updated, added Germanized plugin by Vendidero support (live)


  • Now has line item error message

Hotfix – Fixed


Module is again functional 

Import and export of Contact information 
The Contact fields available:
ID(can only be pulled from Mauitc), title ,firstname ,lastname ,company, position, email, mobile, phone, points, fax, address1, address2, city, state, zipcode, country, preferred locale, timezone, last active, attribution date, attribution, website, facebook, foursquare, googleplus, instagram, linkedin, skype, twitter, last active

Additionally you have information of the owner and creation of the contact at your disposal
These are the remaining available values:
is published(bool), date added, date modified, created by user (id – can only be pulled from Mautic), created by user, modified by user (id), modified by user, points, color, ID(can only be pulled from Mautic), username, firstName, lastName, IP Addresses, tags, utm tags, stage, Identified at, prefered profile image, do not contact, frequenccy rules


  • Fixed empty metaFields


  • Attributes update fixed
  • REST filters fixed 


We are giving you all our Change Log Changes, backed up with the terminology and notes from keepachangelog movement:) so you know what we are writing about. 

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