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Release Notes, Week 69

Hello everyone! 👋

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Like any other Monday, we’d like to help you get through the week as smoothly as possible. As you’ve probably guessed already, we have a new update ready for you. 🚀

This time, we’ve focused on new integration updates and improvements to the SyncSpider core. To give you a sneak peek, WooCommerce was the center of attention by extending its attributes, along with transferring the images and descriptions from the parent if missing from variation.

Since it’s only Monday, we wouldn’t like to bother you any more with details. You can go through the whole list of updates and changes below. 👇

As always, we’d like to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new upgrades.

Until next time, stay frosty! ❄️

SyncSpider team


  • Extended WooCommerce feature Append Attributes: If this is switched on all attributes and categories from Variable product will be included in product Variations. Added new → also images and descriptions will be added from parent product if missing in variation.
  • Add WooCommerce task soft logging for products


  • Added new field according to API
  • Updated pagination logic


  • Updated Ticket entity with UUID as ticket id, removed snake case from custom fields resolver


  • Added Amazon feed XML to the execution log
  • Changed location of the Amazon feed XML


  • Added option in source configuration to use CSV files with missing headers


  • Added Odoo Category, Public and POS Category API product filters


  • Bug fixes and added SoftExecLog to custom API and webhooks
  • Added uid on Bigcommerce products, fix execution log counter on Hubspot


  • Added auto-create parent Products
  • Added id_product to variations before sending to Prestashop
  • Tweak destination product config clarify the comment

Google Sheets

  • Add possibility to chose specific tab from master sheet – Google Sheets


  • Added Logging error instead of throwing an exception
  • Fixed wrong dependency in Transformer

App upgrades and fixes

SyncSpider Core updates

  • SyncSpider SDK improved: Improve side menu with dfy , Improve collapsed mode, Support edit connection, Remove ng-scrollbars from connection popup, Fix create connection SDK, Fix prod build, Fix connection edit through SDK, Update SDK lib, Improve docs, Support source and destination config through SDK, Improve white-label through SDK, Updated SDK version
  • Disable gulp notifications and improve docs
  • Updated app to set stack from .env file
  • Updated Split custom field, add support to split based on length
  • BUGFIX – read app_env from ENV for soft log
  • The changed default value for super admins and developers
  • Updated Public API: Add delete task route and updated documentation
  • External API update: Updated Data Payload Handler Workflow to support sending values from schema field
  • Added dashboard to the kiosk for tracking current tasks status for super admins
  • Added remove hierarchy cache when updating existing schema

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