SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Release Notes, Week 60

Hello everyone!

We have some more integrations and great new improvements to share!

Starting with these are new integration modules: BlockSurvey, Acadle and Box, in addition we added some great features to Shopify, as well as some improvements to WooCommerce and Magento 2.

SyncSpider team

New Integrations


BlockSurvey is a private and secure form and survey. Helping people to build human experiences! An alternative to SurveyMonkey, Google Forms & TypeForm. Use this module as a source to send survey responses.

Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider to send survey responses.


Acadle is a SaaS enterprise tool for building your own white-labelled academies.

Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Group List and User’sCompletedCourses

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can add Users Invites and User’s Groups Updates


Box – secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device

Use this module:
  • As a source in SyncSpider Send Groups, Group Members, Users, Send Items in Folder, Collections, File Versions, Tasks on a File, File Collaborations, Folder Collaborations, Group Collaborations, Events

  • As a destination in SyncSpider, you can add Groups, Users, Users to a Group, Folders, Tasks, Collaborations

Improvement – Changed


  • Now you can include your Shopify customers in the rest of the workflow by sending them to #CRMs, #newsletter software, etc. automatically
  • Add inventory options and variant images

Magento 2

  • Add Magento 2 initial support to virtual and downloadable product types
  • Add Magento 2 additional changes to support virtual and downloadable products


  • Add Order Items Meta fields
  • Add Total price per item without tax
  • Add  SyncSpider Order Source Order Filter
  • Add Order line price exc. tax


  • Add Zweispurig rearrange some columns in the generated CSV
  • Add pagination to Admin team members list
  • Add additional settings for google sheets export


  • Webhooks field name
  • Shopware shopware plugin packing
  • Multi select field values in filter config overflowing the field even when overflow-y is ‘auto’
  • BigCommerce order filters
  • Quickbooks connection configurator (fix error with a refreshing token)
  • Odoo logic for generating Product images