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Release notes, Week 38

Hello everyone, another week is behind us, let us look at the results!

Last week we kept ourselves busy to bring you new integrations. We are adding support for awesome apps and platforms, welcome: Endorsal, Lexoffice, Nusii, and Front app.

As always, we worked on improving or fixing.

Improvements were made on Coda, Advarics, Sendgrid, Asana, Sendinblue, AutomizyMollie, and Vouchery.

As always, give us your thoughts on what new integrations you think would be useful on our website.

SyncSpider team

New integrations


Endorsal is a customer testimonial automation platform. It allows you to automatically collect and display reviews from customers as well as publish customer feedback to other platforms.

  • Use these attributes for Contacts, Tags, and Testimonials as both source and destination.


Lexoffice is your accounting software for mobile work. Write offers and bills on the road, manage your customer data, and keep your finances in view.

  • Use this template to import Contacts data and to export: Voucher, Invoice, and Credit Note


Nusii is Proposal Software that helps you create beautiful proposals in minutes without fighting software or digging through old files. With Nusii, you’ll spend more time on your clients, and less time on proposals.

  • Import your Clients, Line Items, Sections, Users, Proposals data from Nusii, and Export your Client, Section, Proposal,  Line.

Front app

Front powers the heart of the business — the meaningful connections between teams and customers that lead to lasting relationships. Get teammate, team, and conversation comment details, or create new comments in your FrontApp account.

  • Use this module to import: Conversation, Comments,  Teams, Teammates, and export Comment.

      Improvement – Changed


      • Added user info.


      • Added extension attributes for Contacts, Lists and Custom fields as both source and destination.


      • Added project as the destination.


      • Added extension attributes for Sms and Email campaigns as both source and destination.


      • Added Contacts and Custom fields as the destination.


      • Added Mandate and Payment Refund as the destination.


      • Added Subscription as the destination.


      • Added Customers, Articles and Orders



      • Convertkit (public key): added Forms, Tags, and Custom Fields
      • Convertkit(secret key), added Subscribers, Broadcasts, Stats For Broadcasts