SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Release notes, Week 27

Hello everyone, another productive week is behind us!

The past week we stayed busy and worked on the surprise we are preparing for you. And it finally there!! You’ll be seeing a lot of new integrations go live in the future:) 

This week we have added 8 new integration modules:  SendFox, Asana, SendGrid, Sendingblue, ClearOut, GrowSurf, Automizy, ClickSend

As always, we worked on improving or fixing Rita Bosse, Shopify, FreshSales and Google Sheets.

Like always, give us suggestions what new integrations you think would be useful on our website and have a great week lady’s and gentleman. 

SyncSpider team



  • As target and a source to send/receive Contacts


  • As target to send out SMS


  • As target and a source to send/receive Contacts


  • As a target to add Task


  • As target to send Contacts


  • As a source to pull Campaign data


  • As target and a source to send/receive Contacts


  • As a source to get Credits

Improvement – Changed

Rita Bosse

  • Added order shipping costs


  • Changed the product batch limit to 10
  • Global flow performance update 

Hotfix – Fixed 


  • Fix for custom fields


  • fixed a bug where encoding values from the encoding dropdown box were disappearing when moving between task steps


We are giving you all our Change Log Changes, backed up with the terminology and notes from keepachangelog movement:) so you know what we are writing about. 

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