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Release notes, week 22

Hello everyone, today we have another integration for you!

The Ecwid module is up and running and allows you to handle orders, inventory or individual products as well as customer data. With both import and export enabled.  

We have done some improvements to  Odoo, Freshsales, Sharefile and a lot has been done on the Shopify  module as well. We also focused on fixing reported bugs for Odoo and Google Drive.

Unfortunately for the time being Gmail and Google Calendars are disabled and are awaiting Google validation of our app. We hope it will be back online soon.

Have a great weekend guys 🙂 ,

SyncSpider team

New integration modules – Added

With this new module you can manage your Ecwid stores with ease and import or export Order, Product and Customer info. 

The following entities and all their respective attributes are supported

  • For import supported entities are Order, Product and Customer
  • For export supported entities are Order, Product and Customer

Improvement – Changed – Updated – 


  • added configuration fields for importing leads(contacts).


  • added support for parent product attributes

  • added Odoo Product attrbute lines 


  • changed the SKU -> Parent SKY flow
  • changed the status to global property
  • updated the progress log
  • updated API error message for fulfillment
  • now has input for the last import date of the order export


  • Switched to FTP
  • Did more of the transfer time optimization.

Hotfix – Fixed


  • fixed the undefined index problem


  • fixed order creating for the wrong customer on a scheduled task
  • small tweak for Sale Order filters


We are giving you all our Change Log Changes, backed up with the terminology and notes from keepachangelog movement:) so you know what we are writing about.