SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Release notes, Week 11, 12 & 13

QuickBooks & Platform are live!!! 

And NO, it did not take us 3 weeks to just develop QuickBooks – lot more has been done 🙂 Keep reading please! 

With the new Corona situation, we had to do some team re-organizing + got really busy.. And this is the only reason with our Release notes being late, and why we needed to bulk 3 last development work in one Release note. 

That being said, hope you, and all your loved ones are well

At this moment, Etsy, eBay, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Google email – all have been developed and finished. 

Unfortunately, not yet live. All these platforms require special permissions – or app approval bin their system. We did our job, asked all needed, provided all needed – but we are still waiting.. And we simply can’t do much about it.. 

Perhaps you know someone, who knows someone? 🙂 If so, please contact our support, let them ping Aleks. 

So, next to all these new modules.. here what’s been done as well: 

New Integration module – Added



QuickBooks is an accounting software package, an necessity for eCom business. Right now, we are supporting Import and Export of Customer data. 

Use the Customer resource to create parent customer objects, sub-customer objects, and job objects according to your business requirements.

Following attributes are supported: 

Id, SyncToken, DisplayName, Title,GivenName, MiddleName, Suffix, Famil, Name, PrimaryEmailAddr, ResaleNum, SecondaryTaxIdentifier, ARAcc, untRef, DefaultTaxCodeRef, PreferredDeliveryMethod, GSTIN, SalesTe, mRef, CustomerTypeRef, Fax, BusinessNumber, BillWithParent, Curren, cyRef, Mobile, Job, BalanceWithJobs, PrimaryPhone, OpenBalanceDate, Taxable, AlternatePhone, MetaData, ParentRef, Notes, WebAddr, Active, Balance, ShipAddr, PaymentMethodRef, IsProject,CompanyName, PrimaryTaxIdentifier, PrintOnCheckName,BillAddr, FullyQualifiedName, Level, TaxExemptionReasonId, GSTRegistrationType.


Platformly is finally here. At the moment we support Import and Export of Customer entity data.

Following attributes are supported: 

Project; Email; First; Last; Name; Company; Address; Address; City; State; Zip ; Country; Fax; SMS; Phone; Birthday; Website; Date; IP; Segment; Tag; Custom Field. 

New Feature – Added

SyncSpider Core

  • Added core feature -> “extend for subcategories” checkbox in category mappings
    Under “include children” we have create a new checkbox called “extend for subcategories”. When you select this feature, we will handle all subcategories of the selected category the same way –  as you have chosen in the “Non mapped values action” Dropdown menu.

  • Improper mapping Notification 
    SyncSpider will now better detect changes in the source or target integration schema’s in tasks and notify a user if some mappings became obsolete. A user will be able to review invalid mappings in the mapping step

SalesFlare – Added

  • Added custom Contact fields for both source and destination


  • Update contact entity added


  • Added Owner to Contact entity
  • Added Owner to Lead entity

HTML Forms

  • Added number transformer type

Improvement – Changed


  • Updated styles scrollbars – colors
  • Mapping screen rules UI + CSS


  • Item quantity line changed

HTML Forms 

  • Formatted code for better performance

Hot Fix – Fixed


  • Automatic tax assignment on odoo side was fixed
  • Parent product attributes fetching
  • Multi-uid partner UID selection for Order destination config
  • Filters migrated to Core


  • Handling variable product attributes
  • Image position fixed


  • Fixed module issue with fetching large amount of contact Lists

Google Sheets

  • Validation for source and target configurations for Google Sheets module


  • Store view filter has been fixed

Custom CSV

  • CSV multiple values configuration CSS fixed


We are giving you all our Change Log Changes, backed up with the terminology and notes from keepachangelog movement:) so you know what we are writing about.