SyncSpider wins the Anton Award 2020 for E-Commerce Tool - Community Champion

Release notes, Week 9

Past week in SyncSpider was all about our core Improvements, extending our existing modules functionality and improving the UI/UX. Next to that, 3 of our developers are still developing new modules which should go live in this or at the beginning of the next week. 

Check out what was pushed live last week: 



  • When task is started, source and destination schemas will not be refreshed automatically and mappings will not be deleted.

  • Improved styles on the dashboard

  • When a user refreshes schema on mapping page and some mappings are not valid, they will be displayed on the top

Additionally, execution log will display a warning if wrong mappings were detected

  • Inactive destinations are now displayed in gray

  • Additionally, we have added indicators / text’s to the Tool-tip’s
  • Rendering of lines between source and each destination is completely rewritten. Now, it can support any number of destinations  – and are presented nicely:) While doing this, we remouved a lot of unnecessary code

External API

  • Update flow and change logic on how to set up an API integration


  • Integration module improved. Improved functionality so that merge fields can be populated dynamically


  • Improved filtering. Removed custom filters and add core filters for all entities, migrate all existing filters to the core


  • Improved Preview option. Add functionality to add transformation options for collection item and update simulation to use configurable data

Extending existing integration modules


  • Integration updated. Extended functionality by adding individual stock management for Product entity


  • Extended product source schema by adding PG 3 price as a complex type


  • Extended module attributes, added Phone field 

Also, rendering of lines between source and each destination is completely rewritten to support any number of destinations and to remove a lot of unnecessary code

finally, tooltips now look nicer :slightly_smiling_face:

please let me know if you find any problems with this. The code will be deployed in the next release

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