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What should you focus on to grow your business? Matt Orlic Founder of Inspire Brands Group and Football Supplements, eCom Ops Podcast

Starting an eCommerce business? Don’t know much about marketing channels and paid advertisement? Find out what you should focus on to create a successful eCommerce business and how to avoid the most common mistakes with our new podcast guest, Matt Orlic, the  Founder of Inspire Brands Group and Football Supplements.



Inspire Brands Group helps clients to get more leads and increase profit with less work. How? By putting the clients’ offers in front of the prospects who need these products and services.

This Sydney-based results-driven digital marketing group creates brands that sell. It offers the solution for efficient marketing campaigns that attract more leads and customers within the budget.

Football Supplements are explicitly created for football players and designed to fit their unique needs and help them boost their game. Their products can be found and purchased online.

Matt Orlic, a 9-time founder, gained experience and became an expert in consumer product development, entrepreneurship, branding, business development, business growth, marketing, marketing strategy, and business leadership.

As the founder of Inspire Brands Group, which creates and develops brands worldwide, his brands are distributed globally through mass retailers. He is also in licensing agreements with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Angry Birds, Liverpool FC, Manchester United, and UMBRO.


Key Takeaways

[ 00:00:02 ] Introducing Matt Orlic, founder of Inspire Brands Group and Football Supplements.

[ 00:02:40 ] “…And then we got similar results to them by implementing our eCom Pentagon system, which we developed, and that’s how the idea was really born.”

[ 00:03:23 ] What should every eCommerce business need to know about marketing campaigns?

[ 00:03:28 ] The importance of creative strategy when it comes to marketing.

[ 00:03:56 ] The role of product awareness segment in marketing campaigns.

[ 00:04:56 ] What is the bare minimum that you should invest in ads when you roll out a campaign so that it can become successful?

[ 00:05:08 ] When you have a limited budget for paid advertisement, it’s always the best way to focus on one avatar and one brand awareness stage.

[ 00:05:28 ] If your marketing campaign budget is less than $500 a month, it’s best to go with alternatives, such as the TikTok platform.

[ 00:06:25 ] Did the trend in advertisement change over the past two years?

[ 00:06:26 ] “Well, it’s got a lot more expensive attribution got a lot harder. So you know, I think what we found is that because we launched a couple of new brands in-house as well, just the testing phase became prolonged. Before, we could work things out in a month, and now, because of all the additional headaches, it’s probably taking us two to three months to work out what’s working and what’s not. So that processing is the biggest change.”

[ 00:07:27 ] What is the best mix for eCommerce when it comes to marketing channels? Google Ads, Google shopping, Microsoft ads, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok?

[ 00:07:35 ] If you have a limited budget, it’s best to focus on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The first one will indicate where your product or brand is on the market, and Facebook and Instagram are there to scale.

[ 00:08:13 ] What do you think about putting your products in marketplaces? How would you do that? And which marketplaces would you prefer?

[ 00:08:26 ] “It is also a game of resources so depending on how many reasons have them, we can allocate to which marketplace they would make sense to some degree. You know, Amazon being Amazon, people want to go there for the serviceability of Amazon products. That’s probably the best place to start, and then you can expand to eBay, etc. But once again, it all depends on the amount of resources you have and how much time you will put into it.”

[ 00:08:56 ] The importance of the second sale! In the long run, focus on the reorder rate or the second order of the customer rather than just the first order.

[ 00:09:19 ]  Pay special attention to customer loyalty.

[ 00:09:40 ] What is crucial in building a successful brand?

[ 00:09:46 ] The biggest focus when creating a brand should be on building community. You need to invest much time and effort, but you will get the results. The more you invest in giving value to customers, the more likely they will stay with you.

[ 00:10:21 ] What are the best ways to build a community?

[ 00:10:29 ]  “Reciprocity – It’s trying to find just a way to bring value to the customer over and above your product or service.”

[ 00:12:19 ] The Football Supplement is using Shopify as a preferred eCommerce system. Why Shopify?

[ 00:12:32 ] The two main reasons for using Shopify are usability and stability.

[ 00:13:48 ] What are the common mistakes eCommerce businesses make?

[ 00:13:53 ] The biggest mistake eCommerce businesses make is that they go too wide too early in terms of everything – from products to marketing channels. Narrow down the focus, and the results will follow.

[ 00:15:05 ] Automation plays a huge part in every business, so as for Football Supplements and Inspire Brands Group, “starting with the counting procedural aspect right through to outreach and influences. It’s just allowed us to leverage.”

[ 00:15:42 ] Who has taught Matt everything he needed to know about eCommerce, and who inspired his entrepreneurship spirit?


Matt’s No.1 eCom Operations hack

“Educate yourself on creative strategy; creative strategy is everything.”



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