Undifferentiated eCommerce Growth with David Wachs, CEO of Handwrytten

David Wachs, CEO of Handwrytten, joins us in the eCom Ops Podcast to share his unique business services, how indifferent products can help in your eCommerce growth and the tips on streamlining the eCom operations. Check out the other episodes here.

Key facts

  • David Wachs’s LinkedIn
  • Handwrytten website
  • David Wachs is the CEO of Handwrytten Services
  • Handwrytten was established seven years ago 
  • Handwrytten uses 120 robots to increase work efficiency by many folds
  • Handwrytten outreaches to over 120 countries, globally
  • Handwrytten allows you to scale your handwritten outreach, creating positive impressions and long-lasting bonds with the customers 
  • David has done his BSE from the University of Pennsylvania

Key takeaways

  • David started his first company entitled Cellit, a text messaging company that sent millions of texts a day to leading retailers like Office Max. He sold the company after realizing electronic media was saturated and customers were becoming overwhelmed with it
  • After Celiit, David started another company named Handwrytten, which aimed to provide the best handwriting services across the globe
  • At Handwrytten, David spent seven years developing machines (120 in total) with the best software, hardware, ink solutions (simple G2 ballpoint) and laser-cut technology to give Handwrytten notes a natural, paper-like feel
  • Handwrytten has staff who are dedicated to building machines for 3D cutting, laser cutting and building other electronic components 
  • Handwrytten’s system is designed to control these machines’ working pattern while also being able to update and maintain them
  • The “handwrytten” notes are indistinguishable from human handwriting, reflecting the variation in nuance
  • The format, font, and line spacing in each note is different every time. 
  • If the customer submits a series of samples the system is able to clone their style
  • The response rate of the customers with handwritten notes, coupons, etc. is 18-20% as compared to the 4-5% with traditional electronic mail
  • Handwrytten uses pen ink solutions rather than off-the-shelf laser ink to produce personalised handwriting. David believes that “Using pen ink gives it a natural handwritten feel” 
  • Handwrytten has worked hard on developing the paper feedback mechanism, which eradicates the need for inserting and taking papers from the machine manually, giving Handwrytten the advantage of working faster and more efficiently
  • David reiterates the importance of handwritten notes quoting the pandemic and isolation, a human connection that Handwrytten notes provide is all people wanted 
  • From making machines to building stationery, the office is fully automated. Using QR codes helps to track and manifest the orders
  • To reduce the risk of faults, Handwrytten has invested in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)

David’s #1 marketing strategy and operation hack

David believes in personalized marketing. Therefore, Handwrytten notes are customized according to the customer’s taste and interest, which allows them to be a part of the process (notes creation) and feel connected.

David Wachs’ biggest influences

  • Kathleen Booth  – VP Marketing at clean.io and host of Inbound Marketing Success Podcast, is one he listens to regularly through which David acknowledges having learned a lot about integrated technology
  • David’s close friends from Arizona, Jersingh those have helped him learn SEO 

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