Scale eCom Operations, Revenues, and Profitability with Yoni Kozminski, Founder and CEO of Escala and MultiplyMii

Yoni Kozminski, Founder and CEO of Escala, and MultiplyMii, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss Yoni’s journey into eCommerce, strategies for scaling eCom operations and profitability, and the role of automation in eCom success

Key facts

  • Yoni’s LinkedIn 
  • Yoni is the founder and CEO of Escala
  • Escala is the premium business consultation service for Amazon, eCommerce, and agencies considering to scale up and grow revenues 
  • Yoni is the founder and CEO of MultiplyMii 
  • MultiplyMii helps in scaling digital agencies, ECommerce, and Amazon Businesses
  • Yoni hosts Successful Scales  podcast 
  • Successful Scales Podcast aims to interview successful businessmen and share their marketing and scaling tips with the entrepreneurs and help them to expand their business
  • Yoni holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Management and Marketing from Swinburne University of Technology


Key takeaways

  • [0:48-2:12] Yoni started his eCommerce journey in 2009. By 2012, Yoni shares to have worked for various agencies and developed web design, SEO, and marketing strategies. Yoni is associated with Amazon for the last five years
  • Yoni helps his clients generate an accumulative average of two-five million in revenue each year
  • [2:19-4:15] Through Escala, Yoni aims to build and manage a high-functioning team to fulfill the purpose of escalating eCommerce businesses. In addition, Escala helps eCommerce stores in streamlining eCom operations to compete with big-box sellers
  • [4:55-8:12] Yoni shares his approach towards scaling eCom stores; 
    • Formulating a strategy
    • Optimizing the execution plan 
    • Building a team of professionals to take up decision making 
  • Yoni believes that above everything its vital for eCom owners to adapt to an ambitious mindset, attention to detail, and consideration for each execution factor 
  • [8:28-10:32] Yoni discusses the common mistakes people make to scale the business. Some of them are listed below;
    • People believe they can do everything single-handedly, which is a compromised approach. Don’t try to do everything alone, and divide the work based on the skillset
    • Lack of planning. Many people have innovative plans, but they are not always able to execute them. The reason for failure lies in the lack of planning 
    • People focus on revenue. Yoni believes that eCom stores should rather focus on value creation by offering high-level products, information, services, rather than focusing on revenue generation. 
  • He further believes that profitability is a better variable to gauge business growth rather than revenue generation
  • [15:10-18:25] Yoni believes that differentiation sets us apart from the crowd. He advises eCom stores to understand their USP (unique selling proposition) and differentiation factor
  • He further says, investing in building a product requires a lot of effort such as planning, deciding your audience, experience, etc. Every little detail and every aspect is important for composing and scaling a product/business
  • [19:44-24:03] Yoni defines “Goal Setting” as the cornerstone of Escala’s working methodology. He emphasizes setting goals/milestones for your product/brand and taking the right measures which will actually get them to achieve the defined goals.
  • Yoni believes that when you set goals you strive to achieve them; which becomes the major success factor!
  • [24:42-26:58] Yoni mentions that through the Successful Scales Podcast, he aims to interview successful businessmen and share their marketing and scaling tips with the entrepreneurs and help them to expand their business
  • [27:07-29:15] Yoni believes that automation plays a vital role in business success particularly in the eCom industry. If you want to build and scale anything – automation should be your primary concern. Automation integration is a great invention of the present era, which helps in performing all the tasks, from ordering initiating, product building, and analyzing till it reaches the client


No.1 eCom operation’s hack

“Focus on profitability rather than revenue generation. As many businesses might be able to generate huge revenues but still be in a losing position. Therefore, Yoni believes that profitability is a better variable to gauge a business’s success than revenue generation.  




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