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David Henzel, CEO of UpCoach, jumped onto the eCom Ops Podcast to share operational metrics for retaining customers, the significance of customers’ satisfaction for eCom success, and tips on achieving excellence in the eCommerce sphere.  

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Key Facts

  • David’s LinkedIn
  • UpCoach’s website 
  • Established in 2019, UpCoach serves as a coaching program with client monitoring, behavioural change metrics and ensuring smooth communication with customers

Key Takeaways

  • David is originally from Germany and has always been keenly interested in technology. Initially, he started a few businesses until he finally established lens to build up an eCommerce business. It started back in 2004-2005 when he was trying to enter the United States due to his fascination with the country. Eventually, he reached Los Angeles where, along with a friend, his technical background earned him the position of a part-time investor and partner in MaxCDN
  • One of his newer products is LTV, a live chat outsourcing company, which was initially considered an expensive task. However, they soon found an alternative and set up the company in Serbia, where labour was not as expensive
  • David believes his secret weapon is treating the customer right, which helps him gain customers’ loyalty and enhances the morality aspect of the sphere. He feels that there was outstanding customer service in this area – the impact of which is learnt from answering customer queries on time
  • In terms of learning and hiring, David is more likely to hire people who are already experienced in the field and are incredibly passionate about it. He describes himself as an SOP nerd, which is why he has constructed a system whereby the staff are trained and documented in a regimented manner – all of which is recorded in the build-up of the knowledge base
  • Regarding the responsibility of chat boxes, David believes it depends on the timing, context, and pre or post-sales. He also distinguishes between SAS and eCommerce, claiming that for some matters, having a marketing team is easier than using just a support team. He refers to some websites which provide the user with the option to choose at his/her free will
  • David also shed light on the “improvement log”, a system they have derived from recording mistakes that need amendments to ensure that the company and employees’ growth is ongoing. He believes that is what has helped smooth the operational capacity of the business
  • eCom ops excellence hacks:
    • Give something meaningful as a complimentary present
    • Self-liquidating offer as a marketing strategy
    • Free shipping in case a set limit is achieved

David’s biggest influences

David believes he has learnt the most from learning by “doing new things and making mistakes” and then learning from his own experiences to move forward. Google, SEO Conferences and SWAG are other tools that he feels have helped him build himself up over the years.

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