Novelty and Innovation in eCommerce Operations with Emily Mah, Director Operations at endur

Emily Mah, Director Operations at endur, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to share how novelty and innovation helped in endur’s eCommerce growth, how to enhance customer’s shopping experience and her no.1 eCom operations hack.

Key facts

  • Emily’s LinkedIn 
  • endur’s website
  • Emily currently works as Director Operations at endur
  • endur was established in 2016
  • endur is an eCommerce business based in Vancouver, Canada 
  • endur primarily deals in an exclusive and versatile range of performance socks for athletes 
  • endur also produces accessories like face masks and key chains 
  • endur offers perks like limited edition variety, special discounts and zero shipping cost to its loyal customers
  • endur’s team consists of twenty-five highly imaginative and inventive personnel

Key takeaways

  • Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Recreation and Health Education, however, deep down, she loves sports 
  • Emily started her eCommerce journey when she joined endur in 2018
  • endur aims to uplift, elevate and inspire athletes’ lifestyle by offering a customised product range that they can connect with 
  • In 2018, endur’s CEO, Rob Fraser, felt that sports accessories, particularly “socks”, were either boring or too expensive for sports lovers to afford and enjoy. This was when the idea of endur was conceived. Consequently, a new platform for selling cost-effective, highly creative and personalised socks was created
  • endur’s product team is mainly responsible for creating all the fun designs and patterns that give them a competitive edge
  • endur comes up with new and unique prints every month. The product team decides what themes to focus on while innovating designs 
  • endur has a dedicated customer support network that focuses on collecting customers queries and feedback
  • The introduction of monthly subscription programs for loyal customers helped develop a whole new customer base. It offered incentives like discounts, limited edition prints, designs of inspiring stories, free shipping, and order perks.
  • endur’s objective for 2021 was to expand its distribution and shipping network globally. Emily shares that they have already achieved their milestone for 2021. 
  • Emily shares that endur’s Investors believed in the innovative idea of opening a performance sock store because they could see that location-based stores will help lower the shipping cost, “Due to this innovative idea, we were able to gain good investment to expand endur further”
  • endur’s team consists of twenty people, which mostly consists of production personnel who are responsible for the product ideas and creation
  • endur’s tech stack consists of Shopify, Borges, and ShipStation, which enhances the shopping experience for its customers 
  • endur has an in-house team of qualified marketers to ensure that endur’s marketing strategy is beating its competition 
  • endur plans to fully automate their eCom operations, including product line updates, sales, marketing and shipping processes 
  • Emily advises eCommerce owners to ensure strong customer engagement in their eCommerce stores. Creating user-friendly UI/UX is the key to helping customers enjoy a great shopping experience

Emily’s biggest influence

Rob Fraser – Founder and CEO at endur 

Emily’s operation hack

“Running an exclusive eCom store.” Emily believes that one of the biggest secrets of endur’s success is that it’s an exclusive store, and they don’t engage with resellers such as Amazon and eBay. 

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