Multiply Your eCommerce Business on Amazon With Rael Cline, Founder, and CEO of Nozzle

Rael Cline, Founder and CEO of Nozzle, joins the eCom Ops Podcast to discuss how Nozzle helps eCom businesses scale with data analytics, how to multiply eCommerce business on Amazon, and tips to observe eCom shoppers activity and spending patterns.

Key Facts

  • Rael’s LinkedIn
  • Nozzle Website
  • Rael is the founder and CEO of Nozzle
  • Nozzle’s mission is to simplify and maximise profits and advertising investment returns for eCommerce brands on Amazon 
  • Nozzle multiplies your eCommerce sales by optimising your marketing strategy using customer-centric data analytics
  • The Nozzle has successfully generated approx. $8M funds and has provided eCommerce services to various brands
  • The Nozzle has helped its clients with an increased 25% revenue growth over the last three years
  • Rael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics from the University of the Witwatersrand
  • Rael holds a Masters degree in Finance from the University of Cambridge 

Key Takeaways

  • [0:33-1:30] Rael started his professional journey at Stern Stewart & Co as an analyst, where is used to developing value-based management schemes. Throughout his career, Rael has worked with renowned companies such as Taxpayers’ Foundation, Ethos Private Equity, AppChat, and MediaGamma Limited serving at key positions
  • [1:39-4:50] Nozzle provides real analytics tools, managed services, and professional PPC experts to fuel your eCommerce business growth. It gathers the data of customers, processes it, and provides you with data-driven reports to help you understand the needs of customers and develop the strategy accordingly
  • [6:45-8:05] Rael discusses the challenges eCommerce businesses face while marketing/selling over Amazon, and how Nozzle can help overcome those challenges; 
    • Positioning and Launch Strategy: Rael believes that the foundation of any brand’s marketing strategy ultimately creates an impact on sales and outcomes. A carefully drafted strategy helps eCom business to succeed. The Nozzle helps its clients to track the developments over time, diagnose the areas of improvement  and re-create the strategy accordingly
    • Strategic Marketing and Ads: Rael believes that in a highly competitive eCom space, brands don’t just need marketing but strategic marketing; such as spending more on optimizing ads 
    • Customer Satisfaction: Rael believes that to multiply eCommerce scalability, brands should focus more on the factors that influence customers acquisition. Rael believes that new, old, and returning customers have different needs and expectations, and as a marketer, we should know them and should acquire the art to tap the
  • [10:12-11:55Rael shares that Nozzle is currently helping eCommerce businesses with; 
    • Meeting KPIs 
    • Optimizing and developing  data-driven business strategy 
    • Understanding the true value of your customers
    • Optimizing eCom operations and sales through Nozzle’s analytics 
  • [12:30-14:53] Nozzle helps you identify breakeven points that help you create an action plan for maximizing revenues. It helps you allocate your budgets smartly
  • [15:20-17:50] Nozzle’s analytics helps you categorize the products and observe the customer’s activity and spending patterns (product wise), which helps you concentrate on making the right products, at the right time and at the right place.
  • [21:00-26:17] Nozzle’s analytics further helps you to discover whether deals, promotions, and events are performing as per expectations 



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